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Epcot Attractions at a Glance - Walt Disney World

Epcot Attractions

Notes: C- Cool! You Must See This  - Kids Will Love These

Future World Attractions

Spaceship Earth

 Epcot Spaceship Earth Ride****

Spaceship Earth

Ride Length: 16 minutes
Inside the Spaceship Earth geosphere, explore the history of communication while travelling in "time-travel" vehicles. The ride starts with ancient Egypt and ends with the near future. Tip - Lines for this ride are long in the morning, so wait until the evening for this ride. Good for all ages but some think this is scary for kids.

Leave a Legacy

This large sculpture is covered in steel tiles that showcase visitors to Epcot. Add your picture for $35 for a one image tile and $38 for a two images tile.


Universe of Energy

Ellen’s Energy Adventure * * * * *
Ride Length: 45 minutes (shows start every 17 minutes)
The entertaining pre-show is Disney’s version of Jeopardy. Hosted by Alex Trebek, this version of Jeopardy is all about energy. The contestants consist of Ellen Degeneres, Jamie Lee Curtis (Ellen's college rival), and Albert Einstein. Ellen is losing and needs a lesson in energy, so Bill Nye steps in to help where your ride begins.


Wonders of Life – Only open during peak times

Cranium Command * * * *
Show Length: 18 minutes
This entertaining show follows a day in the life of Buzzy as he makes his first attempt as a brain pilot. Buzzy's mission is to help a 12-year-old boy, Bobby, make it through typical day of junior high school.

Body Wars ****
Height restriction: 40 inches
Ride Length: 5 minutes
Similar to Star Tours (Disney’s Hollywood Studios), this motion simulator ride "shrinks" guests to the size of a blood cell in order to travel inside the human body to see the effects of a splinter in skin.

The Making of Me ***
Show Length: 15 minutes
Hosted by Martin Short, this film is about human reproduction.

Fitness Fairgrounds * * *
A number of fitness-based exhibits and shows are located inside the Wonders of Life pavilion.


Mission: SPACE *****

Experience G Forces and the sensation of being weightless in Epcot's newest attraction

Height Restriction: 44 inches
Use Fastpass or Single Rider Here
Update - Mission: SPACE now offers a milder alternative in addition to the original attraction. Experience G Forces and the sensation of being weightless in Epcot's newest attraction. Whether you're the engineer, navigator, pilot, or commander, you’ll enjoy this simulated flight to Mars! Tip - Use the single rider line to avoid long wait times.

Test Track ***** C

Test Track Attraction Video

Height Restriction: 40 inches
Use Fastpass or Single Rider Here
Ride Length: 5 minutes
General Motors presents this ride featuring a simulation of what it would feel like to ride a car as it goes through a standard test track. The ride has twists and turns, goes through hot and cold weather, and reaches speeds of over 60 mph! This is a great ride, and not too intense for the light of heart. Tip - Due to popular demand, be sure to get a Fastpass early in the morning. Fairly often, Test Track is out of Fastpasses by early afternoon. Tip - Use the single rider line to avoid long wait times.


Club Cool ****
Hot and thirsty? Walk through this air-conditioned covered area and cool off. At the end, there is a room where you can sample coke products from around the world.


Journey Into Imagination

Michael Jacksons Captain EO *****C


Use Fastpass Here
Show Length: 20 minutes
Yes, you read right…the classic 3-D film experience “Captain EO” is coming back to Walt Disney World Resort this summer just months after it reopened to rave reviews at Disneyland park. The 17-minute musical space-fantasy adventure film is now scheduled to begin at Epcot on July 2.

Journey Into Imagination With Figment ****
Ride Length: about 12 minutes
Figment has returned! Ride with Figment through the senses of sight, smell, and sound. Visit Doctor Channing's brightly colored, yet predictable, labs as Figment cautions him to set his imagination free. Figment puts a showstopping end to conventional behavior. The rest of this open house is thanks to Figment and his best sense - imagination. A wonderful improvement to the last version, but falls short of the original.

ImageWorks – The Kodak “What If” Labs ***
Walk-through Hands-on exhibits for the imagination.


The Land

New! Soarin' ***** C

This Epcot attraction gives you a bird's-eye view of some of California's most popular attractions

Height Restriction: 40 inches
Use Fastpass
Experience what it would be like to hang glide over California. This attraction gives you a bird's-eye view of some of California's most popular attractions.

Living with the Land ****
Use Fastpass Here
Ride Length: 14 minutes
Take a boat ride to learn more technological advancements in agriculture. The ride begins with an introduction of the land before humans came along. The boat visits five greenhouses that use hydroponics to grow food (which are used at Disney restaurants).

The Circle of Life ***
Show Length: 15 minutes
Simba, Timon, and Pumbaa join forces in this film to remind us that our actions affect the environment around us.


The Seas with Nemo and Friends (formally The Living Seas)

The Seas with Nemo and Friends Attractions****

The Seas with Nemo and Friends (formally The Living Seas)

Climb aboard your 'clam-mobile' and join everyone's favorite clownfish, Nemo, and all of Mr. Ray's class on a field trip through the depths of the ocean. However, Nemo goes missing, and he needs your help! Join your favorite characters from the movie to help find Nemo.

Turtle Talk with Crush ****
Have a question for the totally bodacious Crush? This is your chance to interact with Nemo's friend Crush in this ten minute computer-animated show. With this unique interaction, no two shows are alike!



Innoventions East ***** C
Walk-through Interactive exhibits include the future of homes, cars, Internet, websites, and communication.

Innoventions West ***** C
Walk-through Exhibits from the future include voice recognition software, home theaters, video games (some cost extra), medical advancements, solutions to hunger and health problems, and new ways to share information.


World Showcase Attractions


Gran Fiesta Tour Starring The Three Caballeros ***
Ride Length: 7 minutes
Take a boat ride with The Three Caballeros in this recently renovated attraction in the Mexico Pavilion.



Maelstrom ****
Ride Length: 15 minutes
Use Fastpass Here
Travel along the North Sea in this boat ride that includes encounters with Vikings and trolls. The boat enters a mild storm and then docks in a nearby fishing village. This boat ride is very mild with only one small drop. After getting off the boat, visitors enter a theater to watch a short movie about Norway. Tip - If you want to avoid watching the movie, enter the theater quickly, walk straight through the row, and exit with the group that went before you.



Reflections of China **
Movie Length: 14 minutes
A 360 degree film that features China's main attractions.



The American Adventure * * * * * C
Show Length: 30 minutes
Hosted by Benjamin Franklin and Mark Twain, this show uses audio-animatronics and film clips to tell the history of the United States.  The show starts with the Mayflower and the writing of the Declaration of Independence and ends with The Great Depression and World War II. The show ends with a short film featuring famous people in American History.

American Gardens Theatre
Showcases various live entertainment.



Impressions de France ***
Show Length: about 20 minutes
A 200 degree film that features France's main attractions.



O Canada! * * *

A 360-degree film that features Canada's main attractions

Show Length: 22 minutes
A 360-degree film that features Canada's main attractions.


  • Catch the "Maelstrom" and "Gran Fiesta" dark rides. (A dark ride is just another term for an indoor ride. The Haunted Mansion and Pirates of the Caribbean are both dark rides.) They're leisurely, cool, relaxing, and don't run the risk of being too thrilling for anyone. So feel free to take Grandma and the toddlers. (Sounds like a band, doesn't it?)
  • Take the chance to try food from "Restaurant Marrakesh" in Morocco, "The Rose and Crown Pub" at the United Kingdom, or "Restaurant Akershus" in Norway. (Especially the coffee and desserts found in the latter.) All of these food establishments offer you cuisine that you can't easily find anywhere else. Think about it, you can get sushi anywhere, you can easily make sauerkraut, and Italian and French restaurants are fairly common all over America. So go for the most unique opportunity.
  • I highly recommend that you don't miss the belly dancer in Morocco or the Kodo drummers that perform in Japan. They're spectacular! If you aren't staying at a Disney resort, just ask a Disney cast member at the gate
     when you arrive and jot down the times of performances if they are available. It's well worth the small effort. These small additions to your EPCOT experience truly make it worth the cost of coming to the park. Think about how much money you would have to pay to see an international show of Kodo drummers in a theater. Now times that by however many different entertainers you see in any given day and you'll feel better about the price of your ticket. It can also almost be considered a cultural investment for your children, they'll remember this forever.
  • To see the closing fireworks show at EPCOT entitled, "Illuminations: Reflections of Earth", get a spot facing the center of the lagoon that the showcase surrounds. Arrive an hour early. If this seems like too much time to just be sitting around, grab a dinner to go. Try the fish and chips from the "Rose and Crown Pub" at the United Kingdom section. They typically have a fish and chips stand operating, so you can saunter up, grab some, and head to a spot to sit and relax while waiting for the evening show. Here's the most important tip. When you get a spot, don't move! People will fill in like liquid before the show, so just stay put. (Go to the restroom before claiming a place.)
  • For whatever reason, the bridge in between France and the United Kingdom is often desolate. It's a great place to take a break, and it's a great place to post for photos.
  • If a particular country is being renovated during your visit, it might just be best to skip it. Disney is at its best when everything is up and running.
  • You can often catch Belle and the Beast at the France pavilion. So if your little one is a big fan of "Beauty and the Beast", it' a sure fire place to meet the dazzling duo. Again, check for character meet and greet places in the map that you receive upon entering the park. Another tip for finding places where characters will appear is to look for a Mickey hand on walls that appears to be pointing down. This is a location where characters regularly appear during the day.
  • When you get too hot, head for Mexico or Canada. They have some of the largest indoor locations in which you can cool down.
  • Don't miss all the nooks and crannies in Morocco. There are a handful of small areas that offer some beautiful tile work.
  • Fountains are all over the World Showcase. Again, they're perfect photo opportunities, and I notice that people don't usually congregate around them. So if you need some space, or a minute to breathe away from the crowds, find a fountain and relax.