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Magic Kingdom Attractions

Attractions in Magic Kingdom

Notes: C- Cool! You Must See This  - Kids Will Love These

Adventureland Rides

Jungle Cruise ****

Jungle Cruise Video

Ride Length: about 10 minutes
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This attraction allows visitors to cruise down a Disney-made river touring places on four continents. Audio-
Animatronics animals add to the excitement of the ride. While children will enjoy this ride, the jokes might be a little corny for older visitors.

Pirates Of The Caribbean ****

Pirates Of The CaribbeanVideo

Featuring Johnny Depp

Ride Length: about 10 minutes
Recently updated to include Captain Jack Sparrow! This indoor boat ride follows a group of Audio-Animatronics pirates’ adventures. While a popular attraction at the Magic Kingdom, this ride might scare young children.

Swiss Family Treehouse ***

Swiss Family Treehouse

This attraction allows guests to walk through a recreation of the Swiss Family Treehouse. The detail in this
attraction is amazing, but due to a lot of stair climbing, this attraction isn't for everyone.

The Enchanted Tiki Room - Under New Management ****
Show Length: about 10 minutes
Before the renovation of this attraction, it was one of my least favorite shows at the park (I never wanted to hear the "Tiki, Tiki, Tiki Room" song again). However, the show has been changed for the better. After taking a seat in the Tiki room, the birds begin the show just as before. However, Iago quickly interrupts them and asks them to stop singing that horrible song. With the help of Zazu, the show is very funny and great for the whole family.

The Magic Carpets of Aladdin ***

Magic Kingdom Rides-The Magic Carpets of Aladdin

This ride, which is very similar to the Dumbo attraction, consists of magic carpets that fly around a large Genie lamp. Visitors have control to move the carpets up and down and tilt them from side to side. Large camels near the attraction spit water onto the carpets as they fly by.

Shrunken Ned's Junior Jungle Boats Attraction
Remote-controlled boats. Extra fee applies - $1.00 for two minutes.


Fantasyland Attractions

The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh ***** C

The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh

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Ride Length: 3 minutes
Travel in honey pot vehicles with Winnie the Pooh and friends through the Hundred Acre Wood. The ride
begins with visitors journeying through the pages of a book about Pooh. Tigger joins the ride and teaches the
honey pots how to bounce. This ride is very popular and has long lines, so use Fastpass.

Cinderella's Golden Carousel ****
Ride Length: 2 minutes
A carousel located in the middle of Fantasyland. Save this attraction until you've seen the other Fantasyland

Dumbo The Flying Elephant ****
Ride Length: 2 minutes
This attraction, similar to Astro Orbiter and Aladdin's Magic Carpets, is very popular among young children and often has long lines. Each flying elephant holds two people and has the ability to move up and down while in flight.

It's A Small World *****

It's A Small World Video

Ride Length: 11 minutes
Travel by boat to view singing and dancing dolls that represent the different cultures of the world. Lines move quickly at this attraction.

Mad Tea Party ***
Ride Length: 2 minutes
Guests sit in spinning tea cups and are able to control how fast they spin. If you get dizzy easily, this ride is not for you.

Peter Pan's Flight ****
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Ride Length: 3 minutes
Once aboard a flying pirate ship, visitors travel through the story of Peter Pan by travelling to Neverland. Use Fastpass to avoid long lines.

Snow White's Scary Adventures * * * *
Ride Length: 3 minutes
Similar to Peter Pan's Flight, visitors to Snow White's Scary Adventures travel in mining carts through the story of Snow White. This ride has some scenes that are too scary for some children.

Storytime with Belle at Fairytale Garden * * * *
Show Length: 15 minutes
Belle reads a story in Fantasyland. Volunteers from the audience are asked to help Belle.

Ariel's Grotto ****
A playground area where kids can have their picture taken with different characters. There are fountains, so kids might want to bring a change of clothes.

Mickey's PhilharMagic *****
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Ride Length: 12 minutes
Join Donald in this musical journey. Your favorite songs from Beauty and the Beast, Lion King, Peter Pan, The Little Mermaid, and more are performed in this 3-D adventure that is great for the whole family.

Pooh’s Playful Spot ****
Outdoor Winnie-the-Pooh themed playground for children.


Frontierland Attractions

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad ***** C

Big Thunder Mountain Video

Height Restriction: 40"
Ride Length: 4 minutes
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This roller coaster, set in a gold mine, is one of the most popular rides in the Magic Kingdom. As a less thrilling roller coaster, Big Thunder Mountain attracts younger riders as well as those who do not like as intense rides. Lines tend to be long and the wait area does not provide much relief from the heat, so be sure to use Fastpass at this attraction.

Country Bear Jamboree ***
Show Length: 17 minutes
The Country Bear Jamboree is a 17 minute show which children of all ages can attend, but this show is a little bit corny for older viewers. During the Christmas season, a special holiday version is presented.

Frontierland Shootin' Arcade **
An extra charge applies if you are interested in practicing your target shooting in this arcade.

Splash Mountain *****

Splash Mountain Video

Height Restriction: 40"
Ride Length: 11 minutes
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After being loaded into log flumes (each flume has 4 rows that hold 2 people), visitors travel through the story of Brer Rabbit, Brer Fox, and Brer Bear. The detail of the Audio-Animatronics animals and their homes is really impressive (You'll notice different things each time you ride). There is one spot (when the log flumes are located so that riders can see other people dropping) where the people on the right side of the flume will get wet. The story continues with Brer Rabbit begging Brer Bear and Fox not to throw him down into the Briar Patch. The drop that follows is very steep and everyone in the boat will get wet (extra water is added on hot days). Tip – sit on the left side in the back of the log flume for the driest ride.

Tom Sawyer Island ***
Transported by raft to the island, visitors are free to explore once there. There are places for adults to sit, while children can play in caves and explore trails and bridges. Aunt Polly's Dockside Inn, located on the island, serves sandwiches and drinks. Visit early in the day, because this attraction closes at dark.


Tomorrowland Attractions

Monster's Inc. Laugh Floor ****
Mike Wazowski is trying to save the city of Monstropolis with the power of your laughter. This interactive
comedy club even allows the audience members to submit their favorite jokes via text message.

Stitch’s Great Escape ***
Height Restriction: 35"
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Ride Length: 15 minutes
At your first day as a prison guard at the Galactic Federation Prison Teleport Center, you are training to handle "level one" prisoners. During training, a "level three" prisoner is captured. As the "level three" prisoner, otherwise known as Stitch, tries to escape, help the other prison guards catch him. While this attraction took the place of Alien Encounter, the interior of the ride looks almost identical. Don't wait longer than 5 minutes for this mediocre attraction. This ride might scare young children as there are long periods of total darkness.

Tomorrowland Transit Authority ****
Ride Length: 10 minutes
Four person vehicles transport visitors around Tomorrowland for a bird's eye view of this land. The slow moving ride travels through Space Mountain, Alien Encounter, and Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin.

Walt Disney's Carousel of Progress ****
Show Length: 22 minutes
Open Seasonally
The Carousel of Progress follows a family from the early 1900s to the future highlighting the progress of
technology. In the beginning, the family is excited about getting indoor plumbing and electricity, while the last scene shows the family at Christmastime enjoying a new virtual reality game.

Space Mountain ***** C
Height Restriction: 44"
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Space Mountain is one of the most popular Magic Kingdom rides. This roller coaster takes place indoors and in total darkness. While more intense than Big Thunder Railroad, this ride isn't as bad as Rock 'n Roller Coaster. Once near the front of the ride, visitors have the option of going right (slightly scarier) or left, each path leading to a slightly different coaster. Tip - Sit in the front for a more intense ride. The ride has been updated recently plus there are interactive games in the line wait areas.

Astro Orbiter ****
Ride Length: about 2 minutes
The Astro Orbiter, while similar to the Dumbo ride, has some unique qualities. Visitors must travel up an elevator to reach the top of the building in order to board the jets. Once on board, riders circulate around a rocket and have the ability to make their jets go up and down. This ride tends to have a long wait, so ride early in the morning.

Tomorrowland Indy Speedway * * * * *
Height Restriction: 52" to drive
Ride Length: 4 minutes
Once fastened into the car, guests race along a railed tracked. The line for this attraction is typically very long for what the attraction offers.

Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin ***** C

Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin Video

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Ride Length: 5 minutes
Buzz Lightyear needs your help to defeat Zurg! After boarding their vehicle, visitors are able to spin their vehicles and shoot their laser guns at targets for points. Tip - For more points hold down the button to shoot the laser gun the whole time. Tip - Aim for the large volcano in the main room for 25,000 points.


Main Street, USA Attractions

Dream Along with Mickey ***
Join Mickey and friends in a live stage show in front of Cinderella's Castle. Show runs about 20 minutes and is repeated several throughout the day.

Main Street Vehicles ***
These vehicles (varies by day) provide one-way transportation from Town Square to Cinderella's Castle (and from the castle to town square).

Walt Disney World Railroad ***
Ride Length: 20 minutes
This railroad travels around the perimeter of the park. Stops are located at Mickey's Toontown Fair, Frontierland, and Main Street, U.S.A.

Guest Information Board
Tips, wait times, and show times
City Hall
Information and Guest Relations


Liberty Square Attractions

The Hall of Presidents ****
Show Length: 23 minutes
An educational, entertaining show on the nation's presidents. Each president is represented in a lifelike fashion, but only Barak O’Bama and Lincoln speak. While not as good as the American Adventure at Epcot, the twenty-three minute long show provides relief from the Florida sun in an air-conditioned pavilion.

The Haunted Mansion ****

The Haunted Mansion

Ride Length: about 9 minutes
Visitors are taken into the main room of the mansion where the ceiling is magically "raised". From there, riders are loaded into "Doom Buggies" in pairs to ride through the haunted house. Throughout the ride, visitors are introduced to the 999 ghosts and even get the chance to have one ride in their "Doom Buggies". Tip - When you enter the "stretch room", stand on the side closest to the fireplace as you enter, as there are two stretching rooms side by side, and the exit is always between them.

Liberty Belle Riverboat ***
Ride Length: 20 minutes
This twenty minute boat ride on a three levelled paddleboat travels around the Tom Sawyer Island. While not a major attraction, this ride is good for relaxing during crowded afternoons. This ride is open seasonally and closes at dark.


Mickey’s Toontown Fair Attractions

Donald's Boat ***
Children will enjoy playing in this interactive playground. Tip - Bring extra clothes because you will get wet.

Mickey's Country House * * *
Visitors are able to tour Mickey's house and even meet Mickey at the end of the tour.

Minnie's Country House * * *
A tour of Minnie's House (similar to Mickey's Country House, however, Minnie isn't at the end of the tour.

Toontown Hall Of Fame ***
A great place to meet Disney characters. Three lines form, each leading to a different group of Disney character (Winnie the Pooh and Friends, Princesses, Mickey and Friends, Villains, and more).

The Barnstormer ***
Ride Length: 1 minute
Height Restriction: 35"
A short roller coaster for little kids.

Judge's Tent
The place to meet Mickey!