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CityWalk Shopping Guide at Universal Orlando Florida

One of the best things about Universal CityWalk is that you can take a bit of it home with you.

CityWalk Shopping Guide at Universal Orlando Florida

The shopping here is fun without being overbearing, and the range of goods for sale fits in very well with the customers who come here — people on vacation, bent on having fun rather than purchasing necessities. There’s probably nothing here that you can’t live without, but there’s also plenty of stuff you’d love to have, either as a special treat for yourself or as a gift for friends and family who couldn’t make the trip with you. Prices, on the whole, are surprisingly moderate.

Cigarz at CityWalk

Cigarz at CityWalk

If you like the wispy scent of cigar smoke and cheap, well-poured drinks and beer specials, well then this is the place for you.

Cigarz looks like an old Cuban cigar factory complete with wooden beams and tobacco leaves hanging from the roof. It's a haven for smoking aficionados. The aroma of hand rolled cigars delights the senses the moment you step through the doorway. The shop boasts a large humidor well-stocked with cigars from around the world. You can also purchase a wide range of smoking accessories including pipes, lighters, and cigar boxes, as well as t-shirts and caps.

Best of all, at the back is a compact and cozy bar where smokers, preferably cigar smokers, can repair for quiet conversation, a warming scotch, and a fine cigar. Yes, you can actually smoke here, thanks to a loophole in Florida’s anti-smoking law. It seems Cigarz doesn’t sell enough food to be covered by the law. This is one of CityWalk’s few hidden corners where you can actually get away from the noise and the crowds. It’s not surprising that it has become a favorite hangout for Universal employees.



Not just another souvenir shop! Cartooniversal offers a lot of great items and it's also a lot of fun to shop in. They offer great cartoon souvenirs from Betty Boop to Scooby Doo and more.  Make sure you stop by this newer addition to CityWalk.

The Endangered Species Store

The Endangered Species Store

Buy something nice for yourself AND do something good for the planet at The Endangered Species Store®, where you’ll find merchandise dedicated to calling attention to endangered species and ecosystems.

The Endangered Species Store is to your left as you enter CityWalk. The shop’s exterior has the look of some long-lost Southeast Asian temple complex, with the doorway flanked by twin elephants and guarded by a huge stuffed toy gorilla.

At this environmentally aware store you can shop under the tranquil canopy of branches emanating from the huge tree that rises up from the center of the floor. There's an abundant selection of apparel including colorful skirts and dresses, hats, shorts, and t-shirts, many with wildlife and environmental themes. You'll also find sandals, scarves, belts and handbags, bracelets and necklaces, scented candles, plush toys, dinosaur-themed toys and more.



For accessories to go with your new wardrobe, head to the Fossil store at Universal CityWalk. It's one of the largest in Orlando, and it's the place to shop for brand name sunglasses, a classic Fossil watch, or just browse small leather goods and accessories. You'll also find a large selection of Fossil t-shirts and clothing which work well as a souvenir of your visit.

Fresh Produce

Fresh Produce

Fresh Produce, a large airy shop on the Plaza, features women’s, girls’, and infants’ casual clothing in a limited palette of vibrant pastels. Many dresses and blouses are imprinted with bold and simple floral or animal motifs, for a sort of summery backyard feel. The designers, twin sisters from Colorado, describe their products as “make you feel good clothing.”  What will also make you feel good are the prices, which are surprisingly modest for the obvious stylishness of the clothes. Many ensembles can be put together for well under $100. Mothers and young daughters should have great fun picking out coordinating outfits here.


This the place for trendy gifts and accessories, perfect for the 18-35 year olds looking for unique birthday gifts and novelties. The store has plenty of personality and will keep you busy for at least an hour or
two with its assortment of goods. Head here when you're looking for something other than the usual branded merchandise.

Quiet Flight Surf Shop

Quiet Flight is easy to spot on your right, near the Cineplex, as you enter CityWalk; the display window framed by the huge curling wave is the tipoff. In this window, you will see from time to time a craftsman shaping a high-end surfboard

Whether you ride the curls, surf the street, or just soak up the sun, the Quiet Flight® Surf Shop has everything you need to enjoy the outdoors in style.

The shop features merchandise from all the top brands including Quiet Flight, Billabong, Quicksilver, Oakley, Volcom, Reef, Nixon, Von Zipper, Hurley, Rip Curl, Element, and Roxy. Deck yourself out from head to toe with the store’s collection of shirts, polos and shorts. Be the hottest thing on the beach in the store’s swimwear and dresses. Pick out a new surfboard or check out the selection of skateboards and accessories.

You'll find sporty Oakley sunglasses and fashionable shades from Rayban, Prada, D&G, Maui Jim, Arnette and others. There are rugged and stylish wristwatches, sandals, and Crocs™ footwear. Plus you’ll find an array of handbags, belts, jewelry, backpacks and more.

Universal Studios Store

Universal Studios Store

Take home a bit of movie magic from the Universal Studios Store® in CityWalk®.

The Universal Studios Store with its towering and colorful exterior signage, dominates the CityWalk Plaza. Here you will find a tasteful selection of touristy trinkets, with an accent on nicely designed (and, hence, moderately expensive) clothing.

The merchandise.the Universal Studios Store that, with its towering and colorful exterior signage, dominates the CityWalk Plaza. Here you will find a tasteful selection of touristy trinkets, with an accent on nicely designed (and, hence, moderately expensive) clothing.


Universal Element

At Element you'll find all the skateboarding apparel and equipment you need, whether you're an experienced rider or don't know an ollie from a railslide. You'll find a huge assortment of boards in a variety of shapes, styles, and colorful designs; plus a complete selection of wheels, trucks and accessories. The store features shirts and t-shirts, pants, shorts, hats and footwear; plus fashionable tops, skirts, dresses and pants for the ladies. There’s also a wide selection of backpacks, shoulder bags, handbags, watches and sunglasses.

The Island Clothing Store

The Island Clothing Store offers guests Tommy Bahama Sportswear, Lilly Pulitzer, LaCoste, fine footwear, jewelry and accessories. This shop is newly opened in the old All-Star Collectibles location.

Katie's Candy Company

tie's Candy Company

This shop is full of all the old time favorites, like fresh fudge and candied apples. There's gourmet flavored popcorn, Pez candies, bubble gum, and all your favorite candy bars. If you don't have a sweet tooth when you enter the store, you'll definitely have one by the time you leave.

But the biggest surprise here may be discovering 21 different colors of M&M's. Yum.

Hart and Huntington Tattoo Company

The world's most famous tattoo company has set up shop at CityWalk®.
Browse the incredible collection of flash art, pick up authentic Hart & Huntington clothing and accessories, and even take home a permanent souvenir from your trip.

Shops within the Universal CityWalk® Restaurants

Make sure to visit these shops located inside of the many restaurants within CityWalk®:

  • Bubba Gump Shrimp Co.™ Restaurant and Market
  • Jimmy Buffet's® Margaritaville®
  • Hard Rock Cafe Orlando®
  • NBA City
  • NASCAR Sports Grill
  • Bob Marley - A Tribute to Freedom™