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Universal Orlando: Islands of Adventure: The Lost Continent Information

This island is themed to ancient myths and legends, and is roughly divided into two smaller sections. The first section is ancient Arabia, while the second is mythological Greece. It contains several live-action shows. This land is also home to Mythos, winner of best theme park restaurant several times by Theme Park Insider, and one of two full-service restaurants in the park. Formerly, the Lost Continent included a medieval section, but much of that area was relocated and re-themed for the new Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

Universal Orlando: Islands of Adventure: The Lost Continent Information 

Highlights of The Lost Continent include The Eighth Voyage of Sindbad, an incredible live show that includes amazing stunts and great special effects; the interactive Mystic Fountain; and Poseidon’s Fury, a live show full of action, suspense and state-of-the-art special effects.

Eighth Voyage of Sinbad

It's a stunt show of heroic proportions! Cheer on the heroes and boo the villains in this spectacular live adventure. See death-defying stunts and breathtaking feats as the mighty Sindbad and his wisecracking sidekick Kabob attempt to rescue the beautiful Princess Amoura from the evil witch Miseria.

Eighth Voyage of Sinbad 

The show starts off with Sinbad and Kabob searching for the Sultan’s Heart (a giant ruby with unimaginable power). Upon entering the cavern of treasure they stumble upon Princess Amora, who is being held captive by the evil sorceress Miseria; in a plot to lure Sinbad into capturing the Sultan's heart for her. Once Miseria obtains the Sultan's heart she begins her quest to destroy Sinbad and anyone else who dares to defy her. Rather then get her own hands dirty unless it's of the utmost importance she rises some vial villainous characters from the depths of hell to do her bidding. Once Sinbad, Princess Amora and Kabob take care of the 3 villains they team up to take down Miseria. The show features 50 pyrotechnic effects including a 10-foot ring of fire and a 22-foot fall through the burning set.

Pitch and Skill Games

An area of skill games (similar to Amity Island at Universal, just not as big).  While the games may be familiar, they are themed to fit in with Lost Continent.  For example, rather than trying to catapult frogs into lily pads, you try to catapult rats into cast iron cauldrons.  This area also has psychics and tarot card readers from the Cassadga, Florida psychic community just north of Orlando.

Poseidon's Fury! Escape from the Lost City

It's an explosive undersea adventure! Venture through the darkened ruins of the ancient Temple of Poseidon. Here you'll find an archeologist from the Global Discovery Group who leads you deeper and deeper into the mysterious temple.

 Poseidon's Fury! Escape from the Lost City

Join the Global Discovery Group into the temple of Poseidon. The journey promptly begins with a warning to leave the temple. The expedition leader Taylor ignores the warning and leads us into the Chamber of Sacrifices where we are suppose to met up with Professor Baxter. Professor Baxter is no where to be found while reading the walls Taylor finds and reads a ancient text and awakens Poseidon's arch enemy Lord Darkennon. The sprit of Darkennon opens doorway to another chamber where he demands Taylor to find Poseidon's trident or die. Taylor quickly finds the trident and awakens the Poseidon's Wife who grant's Taylor one wish, the wish "Send us home" she cannot do that instead send us deeper into the temple. We head into another chamber where we are confronted by Lord Darkennon who demands his trident, Taylor places the trident into the hands of Poseidon's hands and a battle ensues. Poseidon prevails and grants us safe passage home and reminds us "You are all now under the protection of Poseidon".

Area Dining

Some say the food is enchanted. Some say it's prepared with mystical herbs and spices to delight your senses. We're not telling. But you’re sure to discover tempting dishes prepared from ancient and timeless recipes in The Lost Continent®.

Mythos Restaurant
Food: Carved out of an ancient volcano, this full-service restaurant offers fresh, contemporary cuisine served in a mystical setting. You'll find imaginatively presented food prepared by Universal's award-winning chefs - this is not your standard theme park fare. Menu items include pasta, wood oven pizzas, seafood, steaks, salads, elegant desserts and more, plus a full service bar. Huge glass windows afford a dazzling view across the theme park's Inland Sea.Type: Casual, Full Service
Reservations: Accepted. Call Islands of Adventure Reservations at (407)224-4012
Serving: Lunch and Dinner daily
The Enchanted Oak Tavern
Food: You'll find your plate overflowing at The Enchanted Oak Tavern, located inside an enormous hollowed-out tree opposite Dueling Dragons. Gather around the big wooden tables and enjoy a medieval feast of hickory smoked chicken, barbecued ribs, turkey drumsticks, burgers and salads. The restaurant also features a full-service bar, with a happy hour and live entertainment daily.Type: Counter Service
Serving: Lunch and Dinner daily
The Alchemy Bar
Type: Bar, Window Service
Hours of operation: 11:00am – Park Close with Daily Happy Hour 
The Frozen Desert
Food: Treasure Chest Sundae with Strawberry Ice Cream, Fresh Cut Strawberries, and an assortment of Ice Cream and Toppings
Type: Walk-up Service
Serving: 11:00am – Park Close daily 
Fire Eater's Grill
Food: Put a little sizzle into your dining experience with tasty grilled gyros, hot and spicy chicken stingers, chicken fingers and hot dogs.

Type: Counter Service
Serving: 11:00am – Park Close daily 

Area Shops

Treasures of Poseidon
Apparel, toys, snow globes and souvenirs from the deep. 
The Coin Mint
The clang of metal against metal marks the creation of another unique work of art. See metal coins and medallions forged and struck right before your eyes. Choose your design and walk away with a one-of-a-kind memento. 
The Dragon's Keep
You'll find enough dragon related items to fill a good sized dungeon, including dragon apparel, games, toys, crystal balls and pewter mugs.
The Pearl Factory

Pick an oyster and discover the pearl inside. Mount your new pearl in an assortment of jewelry.
Historic Families - Heraldry
Pick an oyster and discover the pearl inside. Mount your new pearl in an assortment of jewelry.
Star Souls - Psychic Reading
Reveal your true spirit within by adorning yourself with a henna tattoo or something from a selection of truly mystical.
Chimera Glass
Glass blowing demonstrations and hand blown glass products.