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Universal Orlando: Islands of Adventure: Toon Lagoon Information

The delightful land of Toon Lagoon is where everyone's favorite cartoon characters live when they are not in the pages of the Sunday comics. You can easily spend a good part of your day looking around at all the cartoon images on the buildings, playing in the fountains, and of course, enjoying the water rides. While on the bridge looking over Dudley Do-Right's Ripsaw Falls, check out the water guns on the opposite side. After the boat falls down the giant flume, you can add insult to injury and get a few last squirts on passengers.

 Toon Lagoon At Islands of Adventure

Dudley Do-Right's Ripsaw Falls

The setting: the Canadian North Woods. The villain: that notorious scoundrel Snidely Whiplash. The hero: bumbling Royal Canadian Mountie Dudley Do-Right. The plot: Snidely Whiplash has made off with the fair Nell Fenwick and trapped her in a saw mill, and its up to Dudley Do-Right to ride to the rescue.

Dudley Do-Right's Ripsaw Falls

Prepare to get soaked as you plummet 75 feet down Ripsaw Falls on this exciting water flume ride! Dudley Do-Right’s Ripsaw Falls cleverly takes you on a rip-roaring adventure through the colorful world of Canadian mountie Dudley Do-Right as he chases after the villainous Snidely Whiplash, who has once again kidnapped his sweetheart, Nell Fenwick.
Dudley Do-Right’s Ripsaw Falls is located at Toon Lagoon, which lies between Marvel Super Hero Island and Jurassic Park within Universal’s Islands of Adventure®.

Popeye and Bluto's Bilge-Rat Barges

Set sail for uncharted hilarity as you help Popeye the Sailor Man rescue Olive from the clutches of that big blowhard Bluto. Brave white-water rapids as this twisting, turning raft ride makes you wish you'd have brought your spinach... and a towel.

Popeye and Bluto's Bilge-Rat Barge 

This whitewater rafting ride is based on the Popeye cartoons.  The rafts hold 12 visitors and proceed down a rather rapid waterway around some very steep curves.  The boat slows down as it passes by "Me Ship, the Olive" (an interactive play area for kids).  But, don't be fooled, the kids can fill a crate full of water, then dump it on your raft, they also have a series of directional water canons that they can fire at you as well (water cannons are free of charge).  There are at least two areas where large amounts of free flowing water are dumped directly on the raft as well.  Depending on which way the raft is turning and where you're sitting you could get soaked. If any member of your party decides not ride, their are water cannons just across the bridge from the attraction where they can shoot you with water as you pass by (these are not free)

Me Ship, the Olive

Well blow me down! Hurry up the gangplank and explore the decks of Popeye's own seagoing vessel, The Olive.

Me Ship, the Olive 

Popeye has turned his most famous ship into an interactive kids' play area, complete with lookout tower, steering wheel, whistles, gears and knobs of all sorts for the little ones to play with. Slides and ropes link The Olive's three floors, with just enough space for younger guests to slither through and shimmy down. Grown-ups can take the stairs. The Olive includes water sprayers and a huge box of water that can be aimed at the Bilge-Rat Bargers below.

Area Dining

Comic Strip Cafe
Food: Choose from a variety of ethnic cuisine including Chinese, American and Italian fare, plus desserts. There's something for everyone here! Vegetarian items are also available.Type: Buffeteria-Style Counter Service
Serving: Lunch and Dinner; 11am to 1 half hour before Park Close daily 
Cathy’s Ice Cream
Food: Forget that waistline for a while and splurge on hot fudge sundaes, waffle cones, sodas and coffee. You can always go back on your diet tomorrow.Serving: Lunch and Dinner; 11am to 1 half hour before Park Close daily 
Food: Stop by Blondie's deli and feast on an overstuffed deli sandwich that looks like Dagwood just raided the fridge to create it, along with hot meat loaf sandwiches, chili, salads and apple pie.Type: Counter Service
Serving: Lunch and Dinner daily 
Food: After years of telling everyone "I will gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today," Popeye's portly friend Wimpy has finally stopped mooching off others and created his own outdoor eatery. You'll find hamburgers, cheeseburgers, hot dogs and chili dogs.Type: Counter Service
Serving: Lunch and Dinner daily

Area Shops

Gasoline Alley
Pull over into Gasoline Alley, a service station where you can take care of all your Florida "fun in the sun" needs. You’ll find a selection of beach towels, sandals, beach bags, sunglasses, t-shirts, hats and more.
Betty Boop Store
"Boop-Oop-A-Doop!" America’s iconic cartoon sweetheart, Betty Boop™, is as popular as ever and this store caters to her fans with a complete range of Betty Boop themed collectibles, jewelry, toys, gifts and apparel. 
Toon Extra
Stop the presses! The big news here is everything on the Comics Page is for sale! Pick up your favorite cartoon character toys, apparel, DVDs, gifts and souvenirs, then visit the Character Factory and create and costume your own plush animals.