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Guide To Universal Studios Production Central

Production Central is home to two of Universal Orlando's newest attractions Shrek 4D and Jimmy Neutron's Nicktoon Blast; it also contains state-of-the-art studios and sound stages that Universal visitors can tour for free. To find out what's "in production" upon your arrival, visit the Studio Audience Center located to the right of the main entrance turnstiles to Universal Orlando Studios.

Universal Studios Florida Production Central

Universal Studios: Production Central - Shrek 4-D

Shrek® and Donkey are back! Join our heroes on an all new adventure that puts you in the story between the Oscar®-winning film "Shrek" and "Shrek 2".

Universal Studios: Production Central - Shrek 4-D

Shrek 4D is a theater based ride/show, while it's primarily a 3-D film... it also has moving seats which would help classify it as a ride. Shrek 4-D utilizes four state-of-the-art high-resolution digital cinema projectors and uncompressed digital video servers to create stunning 3-D images, it is the first movie to ever be projected through four digital projectors (two for each eye). 

The attraction begins inside the castle of Duloc, where you'll receive your OgreVision glasses and wait inside the torture chamber of the castle for the preshow to begin. One of Lord Farquaad's evil henchmen comes in to pass down the rules of the castle and lets you know how many floggings you'll receive for violating any of the rules. He then directs your attention to the torture cam where the poor little gingerbread man is trying to break free from his chains. The spiel continues as the gingerbread man eventually breaks free to tell us we should not be inside the castle and that Lord Farquaad is still alive. The gingerbread man then wakes up the magic mirror to tell us what happened after Shrek and Fiona went off for their happily after at the end of Shrek 1 and how he, the three pigs, Pinocchio and the magic mirror were captured and taken back to the castle to be tortured. The magic mirror does a very good 5 minute review of Shrek 1 and starts replaying Lord Farquaad being eaten by the dragon over and over again at the request of the three little pigs. While everyone is laughing the ghost of Lord Farquaad shows up on the torture cam to see what's so funny inside his torture chamber. Then asks the gingerbread man, the three pigs and Pinocchio where he can find Shrek and Fiona... no one is willing to tell him so he warns that he'll be back to torture us all later. With Lord Farquaad on his way in, his evil henchman orders everyone inside the theater where the torture will begin.

Once you are seated and have your "seat belt" fastened the curtains will rise and the movie will begin. Shrek 4D leaves off exactly where Shrek 1 ended... except for one small detail... Donkey wasn't in the carriage with Shrek & Fiona at the end of the first film, he was singing with the rest of the fairy tale creatures as Shrek and Fiona went off into the sunset... so how does he suddenly show up with Shrek & Fiona at the start of Shrek 4D? The movie starts with Fiona & Shrek along with Donkey on their way to the Honeymoon Hotel; Shrek is lost and looking for a short cut to get there. Shrek thinks he's found a short cut through the Forbidden Forest as they look into the eerie looking woods a rider approaches, it's Thelonious... Lord Farquaad's dim witted head henchman. Thelonious heads for Fiona where he then ties her up and heads off with her back into the woods on his way to Fairy Tale Falls. Shrek and Donkey rush to their carriage and go after Thelonious and try and save Fiona. The chase takes you through the Forbidden Forest and the Gingerbread man's house, the chase comes to a stop when the carriage is destroyed at the Dead End Graveyard where Lord Farquaad is buried, in true Lord Farquaad fashion his tombstone is a monument of him fighting the dragon to his death. Lord Farquaad's ghost appears at the graveyard where be uses his ghostly powers to bring the dragon in his monument to life to kill Shrek and Donkey. Donkey whistles and whistles for his own dragon to come to his rescue which she does. The chase ensues high above Death Canyon where Shrek, Donkey and Dragon outsmart Farquaad's Dragon; free from the dragon and Farquaad Shrek Donkey & Dragon head for Fairy Tall Falls where Thelonious is tying Fiona to a raft as Lord Farquaad explains he wants to kill her so she'd be his ghostly queen and he can be king of the underworld. Shrek and Donkey get there in time to go over the falls with Fiona on the rafts, but from the help of Dragon they manage to survive the fall. Lord Farquaad thinking he's accomplished his goal calls for Fiona who hovers above the falls atop of dragon, as in the movie the dragon blows fire at Lord Farquaad's ghost and causes it to explode. With Farquaad gone Shrek and Fiona hitch a ride with Dragon and Donkey to the Honeymoon Hotel where they kiss and start the honeymoon with all the fairy tale creatures there to celebrate.
Just outside the attraction is the Shrek & Donkey Meet & Greet where you can meet Shrek, talk to Donkey and from time to time see Princess Fiona stopping by to entertain the people in line waiting to see Shrek & Donkey.

Jimmy Neutron's Nicktoon Blast

Evil is no barrier for a genius, as you'll find out when you take off on Jimmy Neutron's Nicktoon Blast™. The evil Ooblar from the planet Yolkus has landed in Orlando to steal Jimmy's newest rocket creation...The Mark IV

Universal Studios: Production Central: Jimmy Neutron's Nicktoon Blast

Replacing The Funtastic World of Hanna Barbera is Jimmy Neutron’s Nicktoon Blast.  In this wild mix of virtual reality and simulator, you join Jimmy Neutron, his buddy Carl, and an assortment of Nickelodeon characters  (including SpongeBob SquarePants, The Wild Thornberry's, Rugrats and the Fairly OddParents.) 

You help Jimmy save the world after an evil genius steals his rocket and tries to destroy the earth.  Especially enjoyable is the 'virtual chicken dance' that riders are treated to during the show. The ride exits into an interactive area where you can have a 'meet and greet' with Spongebob Squarepants. Other stations allow you to e-mail cards to friends or to try your hand at directing by adding sound and special effects to a Nick cartoon. You don’t need to ride the simulator to experience the interactive area -- just enter through the gift shop.

If you are prone to motion sickness or do not meet the height requirement, stationary seats are available in the front. Also, if you choose these seats, your wait time will considerably be less. Follow the signs to a special queue for the stationary seats.

Area Dining

Universal Studios' Classic Monster Cafe
The creature from the Black Lagoon, Frankenstien, and the Wolfman set the stage for this horror and science fiction themed restaurant, which is filled with plenty of movie an TV memorabilia.
Bone Chillers
Type: Bar, Window Service. Serving: 11:00am – Park Close with Daily Happy Hour.

Area Shops

Universal Studios Store
Merchandising in the name of the game at this store where you can find just about anything with the Universal Orlando Studios logo. Everything from DVD's, t-shirts, sweatshirts, toys, pins, pens, and more can be found here.

A large selection of toys, games and apparel featuring SpongeBob SquarePants, Jimmy Neutron and Dora the Explorer.

It's A Wrap
Wrap up your day by stopping by for your last chance souvenirs, gifts and much more.
Shrek's Ye Olde Souvenir Shoppe
Featuring apparel, plush toys and everything else Shrek!

Nick Kiosk
Slime Time Live tees and Gooze all around. Plus, featuring a selection of Nickelodeon character toys and apparel.

Studio Sweets
Treat yourself to a selection from our tantalizing assortment of savory fresh fudges and delightful gourmet candies, cookies and caramel apples.

On Location
Pick up your souvenir photo here plus film, cameras, autograph books, sun care products, hats and accessories.