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A Complete Guide to Universal Studios Orlando Florida

The Universal Orlando Resort is one of the most popular theme parks in the world. With locations in California, Florida, and even Singapore, the world of your favorite movies is brought to life through incredible attractions and thrill rides covering every genre from horror to sci-fi and beyond!

Universal Studios Orlando Florida

At Universal Studios you can experience the classic thriller JAWS or fight space aliens on Men In Black. Join Marge, Homer, Maggie, Bart, and Lisa in Springfield as you take a 3-D adventure through the world of The Simpsons. If you love roller coasters and loud music, check out the Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit or get your thrills from an Egyptian adventure on Revenge of the Mummy. You can also experience what it's like to go through an earthquake on Disaster! or have some fun with Donkey and Shrek on Shrek 4-D! Of course, don't forget Universal Studios classics like E.T. Adventure and Terminator 2: 3-D.

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  • General Information: (800) 447-0665, (888) 837-2273, (407) 363-8000
  • Vacation Information: (800) 711-0080, International Guests (407) 224-7000
  • Hearing Impaired TDD: (407) 224-4414
  • Merchandise: (407) 224-5800
  • Universal Studios Florida Guest Services: (407) 224-4233
  • Islands of Adventure Guest Services: (407) 224-4233
  • Universal Studios Florida Lost and Found: (407) 224-4244
  • Islands of Adventure Lost and Found: (407) 224-4245
  • Event Hotline: (407) 224-5500
  • Ticket Prices: (407) 363-8000 or (800) 447-0665
  • Annual Passholder Services: (800) 564-5764

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Universal Studios Tips

The #1 Tip is get to Universal early, half an hour before it opens that should be enough time to park, get to the front gate. Once you get to the gate get a park schedule and start to plan which shows you want to see and when you want to go and see them. This will help you plan out your day faster without any hassle.
Depending when you go to Universal you may want to hit Universal's most popular rides first before the crowds build up around 11am. Here are Universal's most popular attractions in order from most popular to least popular.

  • Revenge of The Mummy
  • Shrek's 4-D Adventure
  • Jimmy Neutron's Nicktoon Blast
  • Men In Black: Alien Attack
  • Terminator 2: 3-D Battle Across Time
  • JAWS
  • E.T. Adventure
  • Twister... Ride It Out
  • Earthquake...The Big One

That would be the order I would ride them, or you can spend $20 at for a Universal Florida Express Pass Plus pass to ride all the rides once without waiting. 

Tips For Riding Attractions

You need to know that you are able to fit on a ride, you have to know if your kids are tall enough to ride a ride, you need to know if you can bring a wheelchair onto a ride. You would think the employee would point these things out to you before you got on, but most don't want to be the barer of bad news. I have seen it several times where someone hasn't tested the "Display" seat out in front of an attraction and were told they were too big to ride the ride and had to exit the attraction. I have seen people bring their kids who were too small on the ride and get all the way to the loading station to be told the kid is too small and can't ride and then the parents get really pissed off. So just know what the restrictions are and all that stuff before riding.
(TIP FOR SEATING) You can always request a seat on a ride, where you would like to sit and usually the employee is nice and will seat you in that spot. If it is not busy, then you can request to sit in a certain row. I do this all the time on Jaws, I did it for Kong as well and I did it for Mummy. So all you have to do is ask.

Jimmy Neutron:

There are no real tips for Jimmy Neutron, the best thing to do now that it is new is to ride it early. All odd rows equal front seats, and if you don't want to have to look over someone's head try and get an odd row. Jimmy Neutron usually poses for pictures outside the ride, but mostly you'll find him and Spongebob in the interactive area after the ride. You can enter through the store if you don't want to ride the ride. 

Shrek 4D:

GET EXPRESS PASSES 1st THING!!! Shrek has LONG LINES!!! There are no real tips for Sherk either, just that you need to get express passes early. They will be out by 12pm. They best seats are in my opinion in the middle of the center. The back is ok but the closer you are the more you see and the bigger the screen is. Shrek's Photo Op is inside the store, so if you miss him when you get off the ride, go back to the store later because that's where he is. 

Twister...Ride It Out:

There is nothing to tense about this ride, I do go to Universal a lot and I over hear people talking about rides and such. Once on MIB a women had her daughter who was around 8 or 9 and the mother asked me if I have been on MIB, I said of course so she asked me about Twister. Her question was "How bad is the ride? and is it too intense for her do you think?" Well Twister is not a ride, it is a show much like Beetlejuice. You in a garage type area in front of you is a complete recreation of the set in Twister where the tornado hit the Drive-In Movie Theater. The show is not intense, but does have parts that can scare a child. The opening is all where from out of the blue you hear a loud lightning strike. That is all I can think of that will scare a child. The tornado is not scary but I am not a kid so I don't know how I would react to seeing it. "You will get wet in this show, if you stand up front up against the wall you will not get wet. Also it will get windy in there so if you have anything loose just secure it or you might loose it."

Revenge of The Mummy:

Since this is a brand new "Mega-Attraction" which is intended to bring crowds, Single Rider is the way to go on this ride. It's fast and has less hassle then Express Pass you'd be lucky to get before they are given out. There is a draw back to Single Rider though, you will skip the awesome queue of ride. Sometimes the Single Rider lane has taken longer then the actual line, because so many people use it because it is faster it backs up. So you have to use your best judgment, and determine which lane appears to be moving faster. Express Pass is something you need to do at 9AM, because if you wait until noon the Express Passes will be all out. Another tip, test the ride vehicle out front of the attraction, if you cannot get the lapbar down you cannot fit on the ride. To save yourself from embarrassment you would be wise to do that, because you shouldn't have to wait 2 hours to get on to be told you are too big, get off. That ride has incredibly small seats, and with a growing number of larger people Universal should have taken that into consideration. I am 6'3" 290lbs and I can fit on the ride, but just barely so just check out the seat before you get in line. As far as where to sit, both the left and the right side have their share of great moments. The left however is where the most action occurs so the left side would be the side to sit on. The thrill seekers would love the back which has the most air time and rougher ride.  
Earthquake: This is by far my least favorite attraction in the park because of the three preshows you have to wait through before the ride. If you are a first time rider you will like the show if your like me and have seen the show hundreds of times you will be bored of it. So if you want to skip the second and third preshows once you get in the building make your way straight to the front. Once your first preshow is over rush through the doors and hurry down to the end, you can catch the door before it closes. If you do go through it and hurry to the double doors. The double doors will be shut to open it look and see if people are still loading, if so walk in there. That is how I do it. (If you want to be a part of this show they pick 5 people, 3 stand in actors, 1 grip, and 1 stuntman. They pick almost anyone with there hand raised and they will pick kids. If you want to do this, once you get in stay to the left, in front of the stage. Why? The host will see you better and you don't have to work your way though the crowd to get up there.)
"Sit to the left side of the tram the middle section that is the best to sit to view the action, if you want to get soaked sit in the same spot only move all the way to the right"
Jaws: If possible if your getting pictures/video sit to the left of the boat Jaws appears there more. If you get the 4th row and sit all the way at the left, you will have the BEST SEAT in the house.

Beetlejuice Graveyard Revue:

There are no real tips for this show, other then the fact that the front is really loud so if you don't want to go deaf the back or middle is where you want to sit. 

Men In Black:

Any seat is a good seat on this ride. The only real tips you need to know is how to get a 999,999 point score. If you follow these tips if you will get a really high score. Usually you need to try more then once to get the tips to work for you. You will get at least 100,000 point score even if you don't do anything.

1. Keep your finger on the trigger (DO NOT LET GO OF THE TRIGGER)

2. Aim for the Aliens in the windows your laser turns into a cone so you have a better shot at hitting them.

3. Shoot the same aliens over and over your points DOUBLE 10, 20, 40, 80, 160.

4. The Fusion Exhaust Port will give you some high points so hit that (BUT ONLY AFTER THE ALIEN SCANNER) Hitting it before you are scanned will get you nothing.

5. As soon as you see the "BIG BUG" push and hold the little red button under your gun holster and you will receive a 100,000 Point Bonus.

E.T. Adventure:

If possible get a front seat, on the left side. The left is the best because you can see the town and E.T.'s home planet better. 

Animal Planet Live:

This is a cute animal show as the name suggests. I would recommend it highly for the little ones you have in your party. If you are lucky from time to time they bring out some of the animals out front near E.T. for people to get pictures with and pet. It's not a common thing to they do it's rare when they do, so just keep a look out for them. (Shows usually 1:00-3:00 22 Minutes Long.) 

Curious George Goes To Town:

Even though it is a kids area I have seen many adults without kids playing here. On a HOT day this area will get really busy really fast. This will definitely be a stop your kids will want to make, and a good spot to sit down and relax while your kids run around and have fun. TIP: If you are in that middle of the play area and you hear a bell ringing that means if you don't want to be soaked by 500 Gallons of water you need to move out from the center.

Fievel's Playland:

Another water area, home to a Water Slide & Rollercoaster both themed for kids. Adults can ride the Woody Woodpecker Nuthouse Coaster and The Fievel Playland Slide. 

The Horror Make Up Show:

There is nothing too intense for kids, it’s actually a funny show. (If you want to be part of the show, sit in the front seat, in the middle.) The host will ask for a volunteer and they usually pick a girlfriend, wife, mother, it's always a women with someone. They always pick a women in the front row middle section. You get a free picture too if you are picked!!! 

Terminator 2:

3-D Battle Across Time: (Expect a long wait & to be standing for up to 40 minutes) The best spot to sit is around the 12th row from the front. You can see the live action well and the movie better. I always sit there and the 3-D movie is better there then in the back and try to sit in the middle. You can do that by just letting a crowd fill it up and getting in there when the left side is full to the middle.