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Disneyology: A study of Walt Disney and his World in Florida

How Walt Disney Made History by Creating Disney World

From the very beginning, Disney World’s founder Walter Elias Disney, fostered the spirit of creativity, innovation and excellence that continues to underlie all of the company’s success today, History has been made over and over again when we watch his World famous characters such as Mickey Mouse, and Donald Duck, emerge from drawings on a sheet of paper, to real life characters who are a constant source of enjoyment and laughter as we meet them on our journey through Disney World.

The original Mickey Mouse cartoon, was the first to be fully synchronized with sound, and called the Jazz Singer which you can see glimpses of in the Epcot Space Ship Earth attraction, this innovative cartoon design, propelled Walt Disney into History, History that we see all around us in the theme parks in Orlando. Steamboat Willie opened to rave reviews at the Colony Theater in New York November 18, 1928. Mickey Mouse was an immediate sensation around the world, and a series of Mickey Mouse cartoons followed, this magic and unique entertainment is all on offer at Disney World today.

Walt Disney also made history when the Disney world theme park opened in 1971, sadly Walt Disney did not live to realize his dream, but his brother Roy was determined to leave a lasting legacy by naming the attraction after his brother. The park in Orlando was a 28000 acre site which dwarfed the 400 acre site at Disney Land in California, today the park lives up to Walt’s intention, he wanted Orlando to be a destination resort with golf courses, Hotels, Camping ground facilities and shopping area’s, all connected together with a monorail transport system.

Roy Oliver Disney died only two months after the opening of Disney World, however Disney World continued to make History in the form of a grand opening, of the, Grand Floridan Holiday resort together with Caribbean resorts in 1988 and 1999 respectively. Making Disney World the biggest theme park in the World, entertaining millions of visitors from across the globe each year.

Disney MGM Studios theme Park, Pleasure Island, and Typhoon Lagoon followed in the creative footsteps of Walt Disney, the magic continues today with Blizzard beach joining as another gated attraction together with Animal Kingdom. Mickey’s Toontown in the heart of Magic Kingdom, the Indiana Jones live theatre attraction at the Disney Hollywood Studios, continue to cement the name of Walt Disney in the annals of History for their innovative design, not seen in other theme parks, these unique themed parks will provide unique entertainment for fun people families for many generations to come.

Even today Walt Disney is synonymous with creativity, the Disney resort in Europe opened on April 12th 1992, and called Disney Land resort Paris, has six uniquely constructed Hotels and campground area’s, it received over 11 million visitors in it’s first year and continues today to be the most visited attraction throughout Europe.