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DisneyQuest® Indoor Interactive Theme Park - Create Zone

DisneyQuest Create Zone at Downtown Disney


Radio Disney Song-maker


SongMaker Lets Guests Create Their Own Hits … Without Singing A Note!

Guests will discover SongMaker in the Create Zone at Disney Quest, where an isolated sound booth comes alive with an on-screen animated boom box guide, known as "Radio Dee," a touch screen computer and a professional audio system. Accommodating up to four people inside, guests work together to create a completely original song, selecting a specific style of music, song title, lyrics and either a male or female singer.

SongMaker -- which debuted at DisneyQuest Create Zone Chicago in April -- offers a choice of more than 20 different musical styles, including Hip Hop, Swing, Hard Rock, Alternative, Country, Dance, Reggae and Latin. Song "templates" shape the song’s topic and lyric options ranging from the serious ("Don’t Wanna Work Blues") to the downright silly ("My Dog Gets More Dates Than I Do"). Over 1,000 vocal performances by professional studio singers and top musicians are at the guest’s fingertips to mix and match. After selecting the lyrics from 2,000,000,000 (that’s billion!) possible lyrical combinations per song, the band plays and the singer sings the chosen lyrics.

The guest can produce his or her own unique mix by changing singers and/or musical styles on-the-fly. When the song is completed, the guest enters his or her name and picks the artwork to be printed on the CD cover. The CD will then be recorded and ready for purchase in a personalized jewel case in minutes.


CyberSpace Mountain

CyberSpace Mountain at DisneyQuest Create Zone

On this amazing attraction, you step up to a console, and are guided through the process of creating your own roller coaster by the virtually annoying Bill Nye the Science Guy. You have the option of inserting corkscrews, loops, breaks in the track, speed up sections and straight-aways to build "the ultimate roller coaster". You can also take the easy way out and use a predesigned coaster (but that's not as fun as creating your own!). Once finished, you step up to a pitch and roll simulator, where you RIDE the roller coaster you just created, complete with every 360 degree turn and bank you create. The experience is  AWESOME. This will certainly rank as one of the highlights at DisneyQuest Create Zone.

Height Requirement of 51"

Animation Academy

A group of diligent artists draw Mickey Mouse at a mid-afternoon Animation Academy session

Up to 18 guests can take a mini-course in animation.  Guests are seated at computer desks, and are given instruction in how to draw like a Disney animator.  When you're finished, you can go to the Guest Gallery and pick up your masterpiece, along with a certificate of completion.


Sid's Create A Toy

Twisted, macabre toys-r-us at Sid's Create-A-Toy

Here, you walk up to any one of about 10 consoles and use a joystick to navigate through all the doll parts strewn about Sid's room. You can pick up various pieces to create your own doll. When you are finished, you can go to the Guest Gallery (which is different from GUEST SERVICES) area and purchase the doll you just created !!  There are 64 unique items (this refers to common parts...every arm has a matching counterpart, so it's only counted once) to use in creating your doll!!  There are some neat features to several of the parts.  For example, the baby doll head has eyes that blink, skeleton parts glow in the dark, the wheels actually roll.  Toy kits come with extra connectors so you can stick all the appendages out of one socket, or put two toys together (this is only available if you purchase more than one toy..there is no option in the game for this).


Magic Mirror

You sit in front of a mirror, then have your picture taken (which appears on a screen in front of you).  From there you have all sorts of tools to distort your face, add different eyes, ears, noses, mouths, etc.   At the end, you can opt to purchase your picture at the Guest Gallery.


Living Easels

You can create your own artwork on the

This is kind of like "computer finger painting" where you can choose from 9 themes with 45 different backgrounds (all of which can be "enchanted" to make it even more unique...for example, you can add a night scene, or additional artwork to the picture).  You can then place characters, animals, extra plants, etc. throughout the artwork.  You can animate this to watch it play out as a short scene, then you can purchase a picture of what you've created.