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DisneyQuest® Indoor Interactive Theme Park - Score Zone

Disney Quest Score Zone at Downtown Disney

Become a superhero as you Ride the Comix! in a 3D comic book battle. Your crew visits other planets as you go on a rescue mission in Invasion! An Alien Encounter. The Mighty Ducks Pinball Slam puts you in the middle of the action.

Mighty Ducks Pinball Slam

DisneyQuest Score Zone at Downtown Disney

Up to 12 players stand on platforms that move, and control their representation in a pinball game that is displayed on a huge screen in front of them. Also, there is one ADA station that guests of all heights can use a joystick to control their pinball. Here you will use you weight and body while you become a human pinball (puck). This game last for 3 minutes.

Height Requirement : 48"

Daytona U.S.A.

This is the Sega driving game that was formerly located in Innoventions at Epcot.

This is the Sega driving game that was formerly located in Innoventions at Epcot. It's now at DisneyQuest Score Zone. Up to 8 players can compete in a big screen driving game.


Ride the Comix

Ride the Comix

This gives you the ability to immerse yourself in a comic book world via virtual reality.  You handle a saber, which you use to fight various villains.  The animation and control in this game are excellent. warned, if you have a bad back, the seats you rest on are very uncomfortable, and could give you some problems.

Invasion! An Extraterrorestrial Encounter

Invasion! An Extraterrorestrial Encounter

This is an attraction where three gunners and one pilot attempt to rescue as many colonists as possible and neutralize (yes, neutralize) as many aliens as you can in 3 1/2 minutes.  A minimum of two people is recommended.