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Discovery Island-Disney's Animal Kingdom

Discovery Island

Surrounded by a River, the Discovery Island is the hub area of Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

Surrounded by the Discovery River, the Discovery Island is the hub area of Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Here you’ll find the spectacular Tree of Life. Towering 14 stories high, the Tree of Life is visible from throughout the park.

Island Trails-Animal Kingdom

Many visitors will agree that Discovery Island Trails are some of the most interactive parts of the entire Animal Kingdom Theme Park. Inside of the Discovery Island trails you will come across several walking paths that can get you up close to some of the most spectacular animals you have ever seen. You will be able to take a relaxing stroll down beautiful pathways or get a little on the adventurous sides with their up close trails. You will be able to cross over wooden foot bridges and through cave-like tunnels. You'll always have time to take a pit stop at some of the viewing areas to observe and photograph these unique creatures.

You can get to the Discovery Island Trails from a few different directions and it really depends on what you want to do and which way you want to go on your trail.


Cape Teal
Not like your everyday duck the Cape Teal roams and fly’s around the wetlands up sub-Saharan Africa. Chances are unless you live in sub-Saharan Africa you’ve probably never seen one of these animals before because they are non-migratory. This very rare spotted duck can be seen swimming up close when walking on a trail. Make sure you check every body of water for these interesting quacking creatures! Make sure you look around for the ducklings who always follow their mother in a straight line.


European Polecat
Looking almost exactly like a ferret is the European Polecat; they are in the same family as otters and weasels and are about in between their sizes. Referring to their name, European Polecats are mainly found in Europe where they make their dens in streams in under tree roots. These are some of the cutest little animals you’ll see roaming around with their prong-like bushy tails that stick up in the air when they run. Check at the bottom of trees for these little guys!


Galapagos Tortoise
The largest living turtle that is native to the seven secluded islands of the Galapagos are a sight to see at Discovery Island at Walt Disney World Resort’s Animal Kingdom. These turtles are expected to live anywhere from 100-150 years old! They are now slowly becoming extinct but Disney is doing all that it can to protect these harmless creatures from poachers and predators. These creatures are very slow moving so it’s not hard at all to spot them in their habitat.


Attractions-Animal Kigdom

It's Tough to Be a Bug!® Attraction

The Tree of Life Theater presents It's Tough to Be a Bug - entrance sign

Put on your 3D bug-eye glasses and get ready for a good time. You will sit in an air conditioned movie theater for this 8 minute film, as you become a bug. Your entire movie experience is hosted by Flik who starred in Disney’s A Bug’s Life movie. This short film is also co-hosted by his grass hopping friend, Hopper. This film shows humans as a bugs worst enemy, as you begin to see through the eyes of a bug you’ll begin to notice why. You’ll never look at an insect the same way after this!

Tree of Life

Tree of Life Garden carved entrance sign

Probably the most iconic sculpture in all of Animal Kingdom, the tree of life is over 14 stories tall and over 50 feet wide. At Discovery Island the trails lead you around in through this wonderful piece of art. If you don’t look close enough you can miss the detail that is carved into the tree, over 325 animals are carved into the bark of the tree. Tourists have been saying that if you look close enough you can see a Mouse carved in the branches of this massive tree!

Discovery Island® Trails
See all of these wonderful animals and get up close to them on your peaceful walks through this park. See the mastered replications of these habitats where the animals play and enjoy themselves, or simply go for a walk and get a fresh breath of air. You will become amazed at this unique creatures and how they act in the wild, so take a walk on the Discovery Island Trails today and check out everything they have to offer!