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Disney's Animal Kingdom-DinoLand U.S.A. Theme Park

DinoLand U.S.A. Overview

Disney's Animal Kingdom Theme Park

Every story has a beginning, and certainly the animal kingdom has its roots firmly in the past. In a real-life once upon a time story, giant creatures roamed the earth, swam in the depths of the oceans and soared through the gas-filled skies. Guests find that history in Dinoland U.S.A. Dig for fossils or take a trek through time to witness the extinctions of these creatures; it’s sure to leave a lasting impact on you! Amongst the foliage and varying styles of architecture lie both the past and the future. This area is geared toward the younger Disney crowd but offers enough beauty and wonder to go around.


Primeval Whirl

Primeval Whirl features 13 colorful cars that whirl past flying asteroids and corny depictions of dinosaur cut-outs that spin and pop up along the track.

Prepare to go back in time to experience the meteor that is believed to have caused the extinction of the Dinosaurs. Primeval Whirl is a spinning roller coaster located in Animal Kingdom’s DinoLand  USA and is part of Chester and Hester fun fair Dino-Rama. This old fashion spinning roller coaster acts as your time machine in a semi-themed atmosphere.
Each spinning time machine travels along one of two tracks. All begin their journey through time by starting with a slow climb uphill where you begin to see spinning clocks. Right at the top of the hill riders become aware that they will now drop into time. Spinning and twisting while flying around curves you briefly see dinosaurs warning that “The End is Near.” Each colorful time machine spins independently so riders are promised a different feeling each time they board


TriceraTop Spin

One of the rides located in Dinoland USA is TriceraTop Spin

Spin out of control when you hop aboard the TriceraTop Spin. On these four-person dino vehicles you will be spinning in directions you didn’t even know existed! This is a great ride for the family to get together and spend time twisting and turning with each other! So strap up and get ready for this out of this time-zone attraction where you can feel how these dizzy flying reptiles felt at one point in time!



Dinosaur - The Dino Institute - Home to the thrill attraction (originally called Countdown to Extinction) There is perhaps no bigger mystery to animal enthusiasts than the Dinosaur. You have the chance to travel back into the time when Dinosaurs roamed the Earth when you ride Animal Kingdom’s DINOSAUR.
As you enter into the once secret Dino- Institute, you see fossils that were recovered and other information about Dinosaurs. After you have had time to do a little Dino preliminary research you and other guests are asked if you would be willing to travel back in time in the Dino-Institutes Time Rover to find and bring back the illusive Iguanodon. Of course there is a catch, while you are on your time travel adventure you must beware the man-eaters and make it back before the meteor shower that killed all the Dinosaurs 65 million years ago kills you and the rest of your party in the 12 seat Time Rover.
Once you fully accept the challenge of successfully bringing back the Iguanodon you are encouraged to board your Time Rover which will bounce and bump into the past to encounter some of the loudest, ferocious Dinosaur’s known to man. Just in the nick of time you make it out with the Iguanodon and your lives.

The Boneyard®

A prehistoric-themed play area that includes slides, nets, caves, huge replicas of dinosaur fossils and more,

Travel back in time just beyond the Oldengate bridge,  to a place where  giant reptiles ruled the earth and  you are on the lowest order of the food chain. Children can crawl, slide and hide through a labyrinth obstacles in the Animal Kingdom's Boneyard while learning the answers to many questions regarding these giants creatures.

This interactive exhibit was designed for precocious children that are curious about these amazing dinosaurs that lived many years ago. Youngsters can explore various levels of interactive entertainment in both a fun and educational way.

Here, it's safe for kids to romp around, get into mischief, dig for bones or just explore any way that they like. Don't worry, the cushioned floor will makes the perfect foundation for rough-housing, running, digging, and discovery.

As children play they will discover how to open boxes, dig for fossils but beware because you never know what lies beneath the soil.

Cretaceous Trail

A sign at the entrance to the Cretaceous Trail says it all: “You may not realize it but many types of plants and animals living today are survivors of the Cretaceous Era, the last great age of the dinosaurs

Well the truth is that aside from the many museums, attractions, pictures and movies; you’ll probably never be able to see a real dinosaur in your entire life. But don’t worry; dinosaurs have left tons of ancestors behind that still exist today! On the Cretaceous Trail you will be able to see a collection of animals that are very close to the dinosaurs themselves, walk along this trail today and experience the modern dinosaurs of today!


Finding Nemo Musical

Finding Nemo - The Musical marks the first time Disney has taken a non-musical movie and transformed it into a musical show for the parks. Take a plunge into the deep blue, no not literally. With this plunge you wont be feeling a drop of water, instead you’ll be introduced to the beloved cast of the Finding Nemo movie. Animal Kingdom transports you to an underwater adventure where you will swim around with your favorite characters from the movie. Enjoy all of the cast members, puppets, lighting, tap dancing and more in this attraction!