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World Showcase At Epcot

World Showcase Overview

WORLD SHOWCASE, EPCOT'S SECOND THEME AREA, is an ongoing World's Fair encircling a picturesque 40-acre lagoon. The cuisine, culture, history, and architecture of almost a dozen countries are permanently displayed in individual national pavilions spaced along a 1.2-mile promenade. Pavilions replicate familiar landmarks and present representative street scenes from the host countries.

World Showcase at Walt Disney Resort Florida

World Showcase at Epcot Walt Disney Resort Florida

Epcot World Showcase features some of the most lovely gardens in the United States. Located in Germany, France, England, Canada, and to a lesser extent, China, they are sometimes tucked away and out of sight of pedestrian traffic on the World Showcase promenade.
Most adults enjoy World Showcase, but many children find it boring. To make it more interesting to children, most Epcot retail shops sell Passport Kits for about $10. Each kit contains a blank passport and stamps for every World Showcase country. As kids accompany their folks to each country, they tear out the appropriate stamp and stick it in the passport. The kit also contains basic information on the nations and a Mickey Mouse button. Disney has built a lot of profit into this little product, but I guess that isn't the issue. More importantly, parents say the Passport Kit helps get the kids through World Showcase with a minimum of impatience, whining, and tantrums:



Mexico pavilion is one of the 11 cultural areas located within the Epcot theme park

Mexico pavilion is one of the 11 cultural areas located within the Epcot theme park. This vivid cultural attraction gets visitors from all over the world get a chance to feel the spice of the vibrant country of Mexico.

To enter the Mexico pavilion you make your way through a towering pyramid which is precisely modeled after an actual Aztec Temple of Quetzalcoatl at Teotihuacan, Mexico. Upon entering the pyramid you will discover a gallery of artifacts from milestones in Mexican history as well as other collectables and antiques from other periods of time. The fun doesn't stop at the pyramid! You can continue into a colonial plaza for adventurous attractions, festive music, savory dining and a bustling marketplace. The indoor Mexico pavilion is a great place to get into the festive spirit as you join others to learn and love the cultural pavilion of Mexico.

Shopping in Mexico

The Plaza de Los Amigos: Guests may walk through the "Art of Mexico" to view the many authentic artifacts and national treasures of their homeland. The Plaza de Los Amigos offers some authentic Mexican souvenirs and treasures. In the Artesanias La Familia Fashions you'll find casual Mexican styled clothing and jewelry for women and children. Souvenirs and gifts from Northern Mexico are found in El Ranchito del Norte. Vendor's carts offer home décor gifts, silver jewelry and other Mexican souvenirs such as sombreros, piñatas, pottery and worry dolls. All areas of Mexico are wheelchair accessible.



Epcot-Norway Viking

The Norway pavilion is complex, beautiful, and architecturally diverse. Surrounding a courtyard is an assortment of traditional Scandinavian buildings, including a replica of the 14th-century Akershus Castle, a wooden stave church, red-tiled cottages, and replicas of historic buildings representing the traditional designs of Bergen, Alesund, and Oslo. Attractions include an adventure boat ride in the mold of Pirates of the Caribbean, a movie about Norway, and a gallery of art and artifacts. The pavilion houses Akershus Royal Banquet Hall, a sit-down eatery that hosts the princess character breakfast, lunch, and dinner; breakfast here is one of the most popular character meals in the World. An open-air cafe and a bakery cater to those on the run. Shoppers find abundant native handicrafts.

Shopping in Norway

The Puffin’s Roost: Curios and Collectibles is the main shop located in the Norway pavilion.  You will find a large selection of books on trolls, Vikings, Scandinavian cuisine, Norwegian Proverbs, and Hans Christian Andersen’s Fairy Tales.  If tasting some of the local snacks is more your style, check out the chocolate, Swedish preserves and Nordic sweets.  This shop offers an extensive collection of sterling silver jewelry, including, OpRo Designs, Hilde Fostveit, and Hasla.  The Norwegian scents sold here for men and women are Geir: The Power of Norway and Laila: The essence of Norway. They offer Norwegian trolls in all shapes and sizes, Konge Tinn Royal pewter, Linie Aquavit, and Tommeliten Knives.  The clothing for men, women, and children are made by Dale of Norway and Helly Hansen.


China's first emperor has a home at Epcot at Walt Disney Orlando

China Pavilion is one of the most realistically scaled cultural areas within the Epcot theme park where guests of all ages and all walks of life can experience all of the art, architecture and traditions of China and all that it has to offer to guests from all over the world.

Epcot allows you and your guests to enter one of the world's oldest civilizations and discover all of the wonders of China. The tranquil reflecting ponds and serene gardens in the Temple of Heaven will help anyone relax and enjoy their peaceful surroundings. Ancient sculptures and artifacts that date back to 2,000 years have fascinated most guests by how advanced yet primitive their technology was at the time. China's first emperor has a home at Epcot at Walt Disney World! He lives in a miniature replica of his tomb that is on display inside of the park.

Shopping in China

The Yong Feng Shangdian shop is one of the largest shopping destinations in the World Showcase.  It has a wide variety of merchandise from silk clothing, lacquer and mother-of-pearl inlay furniture, Yixing teapots and jade carvings, to stuffed pandas, incense, candles, and paper fans.  Beijing Cloisonne Ware is one of the specialty items found here, as well as, Chinese lanterns, Oriental carpets and Jingdezhen Chinaware.  In the jewelry section of the store you will find gorgeous coral, jade, and crystal pieces.  After walking through the entire shop you exit into an open air market that offers books on meditation, calligraphy and the Chinese language.  You will also find childrens’ toys and Kidcot.


A miniature German village houses three model trains much to the guests' delight.

A fountain with a statue of St. George slaying a dragon, is the centerpiece of the cobblestoned German platz (plaza) in the World Showcase's Germany. The architecture reflects a diverse cross section of German regions, from the replica of the medieval castle to the fairy tale Bavarian style buildings. The clock tower features a glockenspiel that chimes a special melody on the hour. A miniature German village houses three model trains much to the guests' delight.

Shopping in Germany

Der Bucherwurm: Come out of Der Bucherwurm feeling like a king or queen. This shop features a wide selection of steins and hand-painted eggs that are as unique as you can be, no two items are the same and you can rest assured you're getting a quality product when you purchase from this authentic German store.
Der Teddybar: Though many people assume that this store only sells teddy bears because of the large teddy bear that sits on the sign and the name, Der Teddybar is one of the toy stores in Epcot that offer the largest selection of toys, you can browse in this store for a variety of different German themed toys and more!
Kunstartbeit In Kristall: A favorite store among most of the matured visitors is Kunstarbeit in Kristall where guests can purchase authentic crystal jewelry of all kinds; some have been custom hand crafted and other jewelry is one of a kind. The detail in all of the items this store offers is incomparable to other stores.
Weinkeller: With racks upon racks of fine German wine, Weinkeller offers a variety of wines for the average visitor to the wine expert, you can choose from a wide selection of wine and wine related items such as glasses, stoppers, books, and similar merchandise. This store is famous for its wine however they also have many German beers as well.
Sussigkeiten: This shop is famous among the sweet-toothed visitors to Epcot, Sussigkeiten offers an array of imported boxed sweets from Germany including candies and chocolates. This store also offers many normal Disney branded sweets as well! Whether your looking for something exotic or new or something traditional Sussigkeiten is the place you want to be!


This beautiful pavilion is filled with architecture that is almost an exact replica of buildings in the city of Venice.

Italy Pavilion is a lot different than most of the other pavilions in Epcot. Instead of having many attractions the Italy Pavilion focuses more on dining and live entertainment. Many people come and fall in love with this cultural area as they fall in love with the unique flavor of Italy.

This beautiful pavilion is filled with architecture that is almost an exact replica of buildings in the city of Venice. You immediately begin to feel the romance of this remarkable location, from the lovely music to the smell of the fine wines and gourmet foods. The bridges, gondolas and colorful barber poles display a great sense of detail. What seems to catch most visitors' attention is the Neptune fountain in the central Plaza del Teatro, another great landmark of this pavilion is a stunning 83-foot version of the bell tower which looks almost like the real thing!

Shopping in Italy

La Bottega Italiana and Il Bel Cristallo: There are many quaint little shops offering a broad variety of Italian merchandise.  You will discover fine Florentine soaps, Illy espresso coffee, and hand-made paper mache Venetian masks.

American Adventure

American Adventure-Epcot-World Showcase

The American pavilion is a colonial-style mansion whose roots are found in the architecture of Independence Hall, Boston's Old State House, Monticello and Colonial Williamsburg. The 110,000 bricks used on the building are all hand-made from Georgia clay and were tinted and aged to add authenticity. The interior floors are made from marble and copper.

The lobby and halls are lined with quotations from notable Americans such as Walt Disney, Althea Gibson, Charles A. Lindbergh, Ayn Rand, Thomas Wolfe, Wendell Wilkie and Jane Addams. The artwork depicts the development of the United States.

Across the World Showcase promenade on the lagoon is the outdoor stage and amphitheater known as the America Gardens Theatre. Live shows such as the Candlelight Processional, Eat to the Beat and Flower Power concerts are held here.

The America Pavilion is all about patriotism, with the gardens planted in hues of red, white and blue. The roses all varieties named for U.S. Presidents.


Shoppingin America

Heritage Manor Gifts: When coming on a trip to America you can not leave empty handed, especially when you go to Epcot! The Heritage Manor Gift Shop offers a ton of hand crafted goods that depict American life. Another thing that is more frequently sold in the gift shop is the American Voice CD so you can listen to it at home!



Japan is one of the more picturesque of the countries in the World Showcase.

Japan is one of the more picturesque of the countries in the World Showcase. It also is one of the best spots for shopping.

Photo enthusiasts will want to capture the large red torii gate that welcomes visitors to this pavilion.

A towering blue-roofed pagoda, which is a replica of a 7th century Horyuji Temple, is surrounded by beautiful gardens. Footbridges cross streams brimming with water lilies and colorful koi fish.

Japanese maples, bamboo, monkey puzzle trees and other native plantings provide a tranquil garden setting. This is a great place to sit and relax for awhile.

A unique feature of Japan is the wide open courtyard. It's one of the few countries where you won't feel hemmed in while enjoying the sites.

The "White Heron Castle" is modeled after a 17th century fortress that overlooks Himeji. In the castle, you'll find the Bijutsu-kan Gallery which displays both traditional and modern Japanese art. Entertainment in Japan has included the anesaiku (shaping brown rice candy into mythical animal shapes) and origami (paper folding).

Shopping in Japan

Mitsukoshi Department Store: Browse through a wide selection of traditional Japanese goods. Everything from sweet candies to samurai swords are available at this world class attraction shop. When in this shop you will be able to feel exactly like you're in Japan, you must stop by even if you dont plan on buying anything!


Morocco Pavilion is another very cultural area located inside of the Epcot theme park

Morocco Pavilion is another very cultural area located inside of the Epcot theme park where. Guests from all over the world can enter the Moroccan city which is almost exactly replicated as the distant land!

You will be fascinated with the Koutoubia Minaret that leads the way into this faraway land of traditions. You will see numerous belly dancers, well-replicated Moroccan architecture and mosaics with a swirling style that have been hand-made by native craftsmen. This pavilion is a little different than the rest because it has two major areas, ensuring that there is always something for you to do.


Shopping in Morocco

Morocco Showcase: Moroccan fine jewelry, traditional clothing and shoes, Camel bone mirrors, and handmade daggers are found in the "Tangier Traders".  The "Brass Bazaar" features mosaic fountains, Thuya wood, and brass or silver decorative plates and mirrors.  This shop also has an Outdoor Bazaar where ceramic tiles, native instruments, and handmade baskets can be found. The "Medina Arts" offers Moroccan crafts such as the traditional ceramic Tajne and beautifully designed ceramic plates.  Find hand knotted carpets and rugs in "Casablanca Carpets" as well as glass lanterns and the Marrakesh wall sconces.  Directly across from the main pavilion there is a shop called Souk-Al-Magreb. They offer some of the same items found in the other stores of Morocco.  The couscous pot can be found here along with Sadaf brand couscous.  Fez hats, wind chimes, Henna Lamps, rose water, and an instructional DVD for belly dancing are also available.  All areas of Morocco are wheelchair accessible.



The France Pavilion is a bit deceptive at first glance. Tucked away behind the Chefs de France restaurant (one of the Epcot's best), is an alleyway where the Boulangerie Patisserie is found. This is a fancy way of saying "bakery" and is not to be missed.

When you approach France from the United Kingdom, you stroll over the Pont des Arts inspired footbridge. This spot is reminiscent of the the Seine waterfront, complete with flower carts and artists.

The center fountain is a great place to sit, relax and people watch. Throughout the day the "Serveur Amusant" acrobats perform. It's a fun show where the the two talented performers build a tower out of chairs and balance on top.

The 'streets' are lined in cobblestones and as you explore the pavilion, you'll hear romantic tunes being played. Speaking of romance, there's no greater love than the Beauty and the Beast. You'll often find Belle and her fur covered man meeting and greeting guests in the gardens. (Check the park schedule for appearances.)

When you think of France, two things come to mind, wine and perfume. You won't be disappointed as both are well represented. When you sit at one of the bistro tables tucked into the passageways while sipping a glass of champagne with a freshly baked croissant, you'll truly feel as if you've been transported to Paris.

There are several carts scattered around. You can shop for souvenirs, get a made to order crepe or visit the wine kiosk which has fantastic Grey Goose vodka and Grand Marnier slushies.

Adding to the authenticity is the "Eiffel Tower".  This much photographed landmark is 1/10th the size of the actual tower and was built following the blueprints of Gustave Eiffel.

There is an "attraction" so to speak. The "Impressions de France" film is shown throughout the day in the Palais du Cinema. The best thing about this movie is that you actually get to sit. (A nice departure from the Circle Vision movies in China and Canada.)

"Impressions" is a travelogue of sorts, and features a soundtrack of French composers. (If it sounds familiar, think of the intro to Beauty and the Beast.) I wish I had more details to share, but I have to be honest, I nodded out during this 18 minute film. In other words, it's very relaxing and your kids will most likely be bored.

The France Pavilion has a lot to offer, and when it comes to eating, whether a meal or a snack, it can't be beat.

Shopping in France

French Marketplace: Bring home some authentic French souvenirs and gifts for all your friends and family at home. You can browse from a wide selection of designer fragrances, soaps, cosmetics, wines, dinnerware and kitchen accessories. Be sure to stop by this one of a kind market place on your journey to France!

United Kingdom

If you are looking for an interesting place to visit in the Epcot Theme Park United Kingdom Pavilion is the cultural area

If you are looking for an interesting place to visit in the Epcot Theme Park United Kingdom Pavilion is the cultural area where you would like to be. Guests of all ages from all over the world can enjoy the atmosphere and charm of England and all of the people and events going on in the pavilion.

You'll feel like you've stepped into the kingdom itself as you stroll down cobble-stoned streets that stand between the British Gardens and other well-replicated British architecture. You will have fun and become confused as you begin a journey into a short hedge maze. For the adults of age you can get a cup of Britain's finest beverages at a pub. The wide selection of shops and entertainment make the United Kingdom a popular land among guests.

Shopping in the United Kingdom

United Kingdom Marketplace: The shops feature the treasures of various regions of the United Kingdom. In “The Toy Soldier", medieval castle playsets, swords & shields, real feather quills, and UK themed childrens' books and movies are found. This store is also the Kidcot Fun Stop for the United Kingdom. "The Crown and Crest" is the place to find your beer stein, glass or mug with the crest of your favorite UK country. They also offer Rose & Crown t-shirts and hats along with a great selection of Beatles merchandise. An array of swords, daggers, and knives are on display near the room of Family Crests. In this section of the shop have your Family crest placed on a ring or plaque; or, have it embroidered and framed. "Fancy Goods for Lords and Ladies" offers perfume, cologne, jewelry, and body care to fit all budgets. The brands available include Kit Heath Celtic jewelry, Asprey of London frangrances, and Feel Good Formulas Body Care.

Belleck Fine Parian China (made in Ireland) is sold in "The Queen's Table". This shop also carries native music and books from Scotland, Ireland and Wales. Scottish or Welsh tartans and ties are found here, as well as, bagpipes and the Welsh "Love Spoon." "The Sportsmans' Shop " offers all things rugby and soccer including, clothing, balls, hats, and books. Tea lovers will not want to miss the selection of bagged and loose teas, teapots, biscuits and candy found in "The Tea Caddy".


The Canada pavilion's centerpiece was inspired by the Chateau Laurier, a historic hotel found in Ottawa

When you head to America's neighbor to the north, the first thing you'll notice is the the mansard-roofed Victorian-style "Hotel du Canada". The Canada pavilion's centerpiece was inspired by the Chateau Laurier, a historic hotel found in Ottawa.
It's amazing how they manage to feature an entire country's landscaping into the setting. The colorful grounds are reminiscent of the Butchart Gardens found in Victoria.

The majestic Canadian Rockies are featured complete with a boulder strewn stream that rushes to a 30' waterfall.

There's also a totem pole, and displays of snowshoes and kayaks. The railings have maple leaf cutouts. (There's no shortage of photo ops as you stroll the grounds.)

Shopping in Canada

The Northwest Mercantile: Faced with such a wide selection of Canadian goods it's up to you which you decide to buy! The Northwest Mercantile offers a wide variety of Canadian goods like hand-crafter pewter and wood as well as more mass produced goods such as athletic atire. You will be sure to find the perfect gift for someone in this one of a kind shop!