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Liberty Square - Magic Kingdom Walt Disney World

Liberty Square Overview

Liberty Square

Liberty Square is one of seven "themed lands" and is exclusive to the Magic Kingdom, a theme park at the Walt Disney World Resort in Lake Buena Vista, Florida. Themed after colonial America, replicas of both the Liberty Bell and Liberty Tree can be seen here. One of the most popular attractions in the Magic Kingdom, the Haunted Mansion, is located in this land. Presiding over the square is the Hall of Presidents, an American History show featuring an audio-animatronic figure of every President of the United States. Liberty Square has a long waterfront on the Rivers of America and the Liberty Belle steam paddleboat departs from a landing here. The land affords excellent views of the river and Tom Sawyer Island in adjacent Frontierland.

Liberty Square Video

Haunted Mansion:

the Haunted Mansion is Liberty Square's prime attraction. Settled in the northern western corner of Liberty Square, the Haunted Mansion is a must see in Magic Kingdom. This multi-million dollar ride boosts millions of visitors yearly. The most famous part of this ride are the ghosts. Hop on one of the doom buggies and get a glimpse of the inside of the possessed mansion. One thing to remember is to avoid the hitch hiking ghosts. Watch as ghosts appear to be dancing in the ballroom and listen to the sounds of the dead as the place comes alive!

Liberty Square Riverboat:

On this 17 minute cruise you will explore the “Rivers of America”. Not only is this ride relaxing, it’s very informational too. You will cruise about 0.5 miles around Tom Sawyer Island. The steamboat, called the Liberty Belle, departs all through out the day. Giving tours day and night, this steam powered paddle wheel boat has a lot to offer.

Hall of Presidents:

Inside of this museum-like ride, you will get up close and personal with all of the past American presidents. You can watch as animatronic versions of our presidents sing and tell stores of our turbulent American past. There is a video that plays at the beginning of the ride. This video is a story of United States history and tells of heroics that made America what it is today. All of America’s accomplishments are noted in this 24 minute film.


  • On a hot day, check out the Hall of Presidents in Liberty Square - there is rarely a long line, and it's air conditioned.