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Mickey's Toontown Fair at Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World

Mickey's Toontown Fair

Did you know? One of Toontown fair's first popular attractions wasn't a ride, but an animal. A cow named Minnie-Moo, who had a Mickey silhouette on her side!

All Aboard! At Mickey's Toontown Fair

In this vibrantly colorful two acres of land tucked behind Fantasyland, Walt Disney World's littlest guests (and their adult companions) can visit the most cheerful town fair on the planet. There's lots to see and do, whether you're looking for a thrill on a down-sized roller coaster, have always wondered what Minnie keeps in her freezer, need a refreshing spray of water on Donald's Boat, or want an autograph from the "big cheese" himself. Originally called Mickey's Birthdayland, this area opened in 1988 as part of Mickey's 60th birthday celebration. It was regularly visited by two-thirds of all Magic Kingdom visitors, even after the celebration and it was renamed Mickey's Starland. In 1996, new attractions were added and the name was changed permanently to Mickey's Toontown Fair.

Mickey's Toontown Fair Video

Goofy’s Barnstormer:

Welcome to Goofy’s Wise Acre Farms! Where out of the ordinary is the ordinary. This runaway airplane is speeding through town, and no one can stop it! Finally the plane crashes into a barn and comes to complete stop. Sound scary? It really isn’t, of course there is a thrill but the ride only lasts for less the 60 seconds. This ride does not have sharp turns or steep drops so it’s perfect for your child’s first roller coaster.

Mickey’s Country House:

Mickey’s Country House

Mickey’s House

This is Mickey’s home away from home. If your coming to Magic Kingdom to see Mickey this is the place to see him, it is in his house after all! Inside you can see all of his sports memorabilia. Have a look in the backyard you will see Pluto’s doghouse and Mickey’s garden. Look closely at Mickey’s garden and you will get to see Mickey shaped pumpkins that are growing in the garden. This is a very popular attraction so plan to wait a little while in line especially in the peak months.

Minnie’s Country House:

Minnie’s Country House

Minnie’s House

Here in Minnie’s home! You are welcome to browse around to see what little goodies she has collected over the years. Inside of this lavish lavender piece of heaven there are all the great comforts of home. The kitchen is the most interactive room in the whole house. The microwave is busy popping popcorn, and the oven will actually bake a cake! Then take a stroll outside and see Minnie’s fine tuned backyard with beautiful pink gazebo. Just like Mickey’s Country Home, this is a popular attraction. So, plan for long lines especially during peak season.

Donald Ducks Boat:

All aboard the mighty S.S. Miss Daisy! This is the best spot on a hot day to cool off. Inside the boat there are knobs and levers that can be pushed and pulled to make noise and shoot water. Everyone can have fun; it’s very easy to get wet at this location so wear clothes that can handle a little H2O. The kids absolutely love this section of the park. Don’t worry the grown ups love it too because it takes you back when life was sweet (the younger years).

Toon Town Hall of Fame:

As you enters the hall of fame you will pass through Cornelius Coot Commons. This is a dedication to the old farmer who turned his corn crop into cash! Be sure to visit the judge’s tent to see Judge Mickey. Another place to visit is the county bounty. Here you can buy plush stuffed animals and souvenirs of all shapes and sizes. As you pass the section of merchandise you will see three rooms. These are private meeting rooms for the children to see their favorite characters.


  • Don't forget to bring your autograph book to Mickey's Toontown Fair where you can find your favorite characters.