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Fantasyland Attractions - Cinderella's Castle, Magic Kingdom

Fantasyland Overview


"If you can dream it, you can do it. Always remember that this whole thing was started with a dream and a mouse."

                    -Walt Disney

Fantasyland at the Magic Kingdom

Enter the heart of the Park and find yourself in the middle of fantasyland. It's the place that Walt Disney had dedicated to all those children both young and old alike. Here, you can really believe that dreams can come true with fairy tale architecture and attractions inspired by many of  Disney's most beloved films and characters making this a memorable place for Disney fans of all generations.

Cinderella's Castle, the main entrance to Fantasyland, is the most photographed building at Walt Disney World. Over the years, it has undergone some changes, from being transformed to a large, pink, candy trimmed 25th Anniversary cake, to the more ornate gold-trimmed spectacle that was added to the facade during the Happiest Celebration on Earth.

Fantasyland Magic Kingdom Video

Ariel's Grotto:

Based on the film Little Mermaid, Ariel's Grotto is a place where children can sit down and get autographs and pictures with with their favorite Disney character Ariel. Completely surrounded by starfish and waterfalls, children can run an frolic through this under-the-sea magical adventure. Parents can just kick-back and relax while children frolic and play on soft-zone areas making a child-safe environment to rough-house a bit. For children, this is a "fanta-sea" come true.

Bring your kids and cool off around the Grotto where water jests sprout water in random places, kids just love to jump on these water sensitive places and get wet with no advanced notice. Don't let you kids miss this one-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see the little mermaid in her own home 20,000 leagues under the sea. 

Only 100 yards from Tinkerbelle's gift shop, you can take your kids to buy their favorite Disney character CD and all kinds of Disney memorabilia.

Cinderella's Golden Carrousel:

Directly behind Cinderella's castle stands a handmade carrousel built in 1917 by the Philadelphia Toboggan Company that was later purchased by Walt Disney. The Carrousel boasts ninety majestic horses that gallop to delightful Disney music.

Just two minutes in duration, this ride is gentle enough for children, but intriguing enough for adults and those young at heart. With 18 hand-painted scenes on the canopy, hard-maple horse in five sizes including 18 rows of five horses each, Cinderella's Carrousel makes the perfect spot for a family portrait while you take a break in the cool shade.

Although this ride tends to be a little monotonous for older kids, the upside is that there are no lines for this attraction. Since this ride is so roomy, make an effort to sit together as a family on this carrousel designed to bring memories for a lifetime.

Cinderella's Castle:

Completed in 1971, Cinderella's Castle design is based on French architecture and enhanced with the optical illusion of forced perspective. No bricks were used in the construction but a steel braced frame construction. The castles interior design is home to Cinderella's suite in tower 20 that was originally built for Walt and his family.

Tower 20 contains and elevator to service Cinderella's penthouse suite that will be used by guests that win in the Year of a Million Dreams. On June 7, 2006, the completion of Cinderella's bedchamber now accommodates up to 6 people overnight. The suite which is four stories above the park offers a salon, bed, bath, and a marble-floor foyer.

Guests will discover a fairy-tale pumpkin coach, a famous glass slipper, showcase clocks, and accessories of the period. Guests will be invited to Cinderella's Royal Table and younger guests will be fashioned as prince and princesses for the occasion. On your way to the royal dinner, forty coats of arms with medieval decor can be noticed through the stained glass windows .

Most guests do not know that at night the castle is illuminated by millions of colorful lights that are strategically located in balconies, turrets, and the surrounding area.

If your lucky, you can get your photograph taken with the Cinderella character right in the castle. Don't miss the Wishes fireworks show and the Kiss Goodnight by Roy Disney's who presents the original dedication speech for the Park.

Dumbo the Flying Elephant:

Although this is not a particularly thrilling ride for teenagers, it is an exciting ride for the youngsters as evidenced by the length of the line. As one of Disney's classic 1955 attractions, children can fly along with Dumbo as he discovers his talent of flying with his huge ears. Sixteen ride vehicles shaped like little Dumbos are fashioned to give children a gentle but enjoyable ride with plenty of thrills.

Children will notice a figure of Timothy Mouse who is leading the parade from the center hub. His long held magic feather has since then been replaced by a training whip suggesting a totally different message. Children will just love the joystick that allows them to maneuver the "Dumbos" to new heights empowering each child to maximize the stress on their own senses.

Since Disney character have been known to show up here from time to time, this part of the park is very popular with children. There is no telling who might show up in Disneyworld. Once Harry Truman showed up and was offered a ride on the Flying Elephants and politely declined since he was a Democrat.

It's A Small World:

Jump into a small world boat with the kids and take a legendary trek around the globe. This charming musical tour of the nations will dazzle the young ones as nearly 300 animatronics dolls in national dress bring to life a wonderful show with singing in multiple languages.

On your adventure, you will be greeted by different cultures including Scandinavians dolls that sing in Swedish, greetings by a yodeler from Switzerland, Asian dolls that sing in Japanese, serenades by African dolls playing drums, and much more.

Since it's inception in 1955, legend has it that there has never been a more "happier cruise that has ever sailed." On this magical cruise, boundaries of racism between the continents begin to dissolve and common links begin to forge common friendships of love between all people. Many do not know that the verses and chorus of it's a small world work in counterparts of each other, allowing children to enjoy the work without being overly repetitive.

Although the ride is the original 1971 theme,  the WDW has the classic Mary Blair look, a new clock tower with a seesaw clock face,  all dolls have new sparkling costumes, the sound track as been restored and the visible building has been completely remodeled.

Mad Tea Party Tea Cup Ride:

Adventure back in time with Alice in Wonderland as she joins the Mad Hatter and the March Hare unbirthday Mad Tea Party. One of Disney's original theme park rides from 1955, children can choose the level of thrills that they desire by rotating the wheel in the middle of their teacup to stress their senses. Watch as children are whisked away on turntables that hold six teacups for a the most phenomenal laughter and dizzying experience ever.

This ride is not as popular with the older kids, but perfect for the younger children in that they don't mind waiting for a relaxed ride with a slower queue. Children can also ride this attraction during Extra Magic hours which will allow them access to the rides one hour earlier than normal park operating hours. When the family gets hungry, The Mad Tea Party is conveniently located near the Enchanted Grove which serves the infamous Strawberry Swirl milk shakes.

Mickey's PhilharMagic 3-D Show:

Escape with your favorite Disney characters as Mickey Mouse takes you through a magical trip to Fantasia. Presenting the fantasy show on one of the largest 3D screens in existence today, children of all ages will enjoy the mystery and magic of this twelve-minute 3D Disney presentation. This fantasy film is truly a feast for the eyes, it's funny, it's charming, it is Disney animation at it's best.

The curtain opens with Mickey performing with his orchestra when suddenly Mickey's side-kick Donald Duck decides to put on Mickey's sorcerer's magical hat. During the scenes guests can smell real apple pie cooking, feel the jet blast as a corked bottle is opened as Donald desperately tries to put the sorcerer's hat back on his head to restore order. 

Donald is finally launched right into the audience as chaos and mayhem break out with appearances of The Little Mermaid, Aladdin, Peter Pan, The Lion King, and Beauty and the Beast.

Many families will schedule a trip to the Philharmagic 3-D show at some half point where they need to take a rest.  The seating is padded, comfortable with plenty of room to stretch out if necessary. Many small children have some problems viewing characters that come very close to their face with the 3-D visors.

Peter Pan's Flight:

Join peter as you fly back to Never Land on a fantastic adventure with characters that step right out of the pages of a storybook before your eyes. Face the dastardly Captain hook as you fly in a magical galleon over London, to Never Land, and finally to Skull Rock Find the Lost Boys tied to the mask and the Mermaid walking the plank as Peter engaged hand-to-hand fight to the death with Hook on a 48 foot pirate ship. 

Refuse to grow up as you navigate with Peter back to the second star above the glittering lights and sounds of the vibrant city of London below.

The exterior queue is quite long and you can watch as visitors are loading onto the pirate galleon ship which hangs from the ceiling. In the next moments, every ones favorite fairy appears to sprinkle some of her magical pixie dust on the brave travelers as they are whisked away over the city of London. 

Imagine, for the next two minutes & forty five seconds. you will transition from the real to the surreal, from tangible to intangible, until reality and fantasy both mix and it become difficult to separate them, you've now entered the world of Imagineers Peter Pan. For all of you Peter Pan fans, you can get a snap shot of Peter Pan at the daily Share a Dream Come True Parade. Other Disney characters including Captain Hook and Mr. Smee can be located in Adventureland if your fortunate.

Snow White's Scary Adventures:

Magic mirror on the wall who is the fairest one of all?  Great is thy beauty your majesty but lo a lovely beauty I see - Reveal her name! - lips red as the rose, hair black as ebony, skin white as snow .. Snow White!! 

Enter the Evil Queen's castle at your own risk and beware when the Queen parts the curtain to watch you. Touch the golden apple and hear the witch cackle, read from the book of poisons used to kill Snow White, enter the dwarfs cottage and hear them gleefully yodeling to the theme song "The Silly Song", see the Dwarfs as they play their own instruments and watch the witch talk to the magic mirror on the wall. 

Be ready to defend yourself as you pass through the dark forest host to trees with ugly faces, snapping dogs, and bats fly everywhere in the midst of snapping crocodiles that attempt to overturn your boat. Is it too late for the prince who must save Snow White from the poison apple?

Unlike the current version of Snow White, the previous rides in 1983 did not include the main star and many quests did not understand that they were in fact playing the central role. Not only did Disney imagineers overhaul this attraction to include the main character but now the rides in Fantasyland Magic Kingdom in general are 25% longer to increase customer satisfaction.

The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh:

Get ready for a hunny of an adventure with friends and company of Winnie the Pooh. Hop aboard your four passenger honey pot and adventure into the Hundred-Acre woods for the ride of your life as you end up smack dab into one of Pooh's wacky days. 

Get ready for a whimsical journey as your navigate through the pages of a story book tale as you bounce along with Tiger, join piglet as you float through the water, and just lay back and enjoy just a willy nilly great time. Get lost with Pooh in a heffalump with fun-house effects and later escape from the scene while rain is pour over a pot of honey. Finally the big celebration occurs when the rain goes away as Pooh is seated enjoying a big pot of honey.

Just as a warning, Winnie the Pooh has a mild thunder-storm-scene so stay prepared to comfort the little ones. There are several places where a family photo can be taken with Winnie the Pooh characters including Ariel's Grotto, Toontown and the Character Meals at the Crystal Palace on Main Steet U.S.A.

Pooh's Playful Spot:

Truly designed for the younger children in mind, children can romp and frolic safely with one of Disney's favorite characters. Dominating the Playful Spot is Pooh's tree-house which towers over the entire playground. At the base of the children children can enter Pooh's abode which has a sign posted Mr. Saunders.

Children can then trek over to Pooh's house, truly a masterpiece in design and thought. Suddenly Piglet will jump out of a tree at the 100 Acre Wood with a gleeful smile on his face that will warm anyone's heart. But be careful for the honeybees, its a tactful art getting the honey out without being stung!

Wee exclaim the young ones as they find themselves sliding through a tree trunk completely safe for a five year old.  With so much to do for kids no wonder they keep wanting to come back and have a "hunny" of a good time.

Magic Kingdom Tips

  • If you have small kids, plan to visit Fantasyland first thing when the park opens. The lines only get longer as the day goes on.
  • Fantasyland is less crowded near park closing time and during parades.