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Welcome to our Dinner and Theater guite to Orlando! We have everything you need to know about all the Orlando Florida dinner shows. If you need info on Sleuths Mystery Dinner Theature, Medieval Times, Capones Dinner, Arabian Nights, Pirates Dinner Adventure, the Seaworld Luau, Outta Control Magic or Cirque Du Soleil you have come to the right place! Plus book tickets to all the Orlando Dinner Shows here.

Arabian Nights

Arabian Nights-Orlando Dinner Shows 

Arabian Nights in Orlando is a very unique dinner show that presents patrons with some of the most amazing displays of horsemanship to be seen. This Dinner attraction was started 15 years ago for the sole purpose of displaying horse performances.

The show runs just over two hours; the food is moderate to good, this is a fast-paced and entertaining show.

Al Capone’s Dinner and Show

 Orlando-Al Capone’s Dinner and Show

Al Capone’s Dinner and Show in Orlando is an excellent value and fun show to see. On arrival, you will see a crowd at the door, but you can't get in until Detective Marvel arrives and provides the password to get inside. A great way to start the show – the atmosphere inside is also great.

Overall, this show isn’t the best in the area, but at a cost of about half of the other dinner shows around – you can’t go wrong. It’s amusing entertainment and plenty of food, wrapped up in a Chicago gangster theme that will at least make you smile.

The cirque Du Soleil – La Nouba

The Cirque Du Soleil – La Nouba 

The cirque Du Soleil – La Nouba is one of Disney’s finest, and hands-down one of the most exciting shows that's ever been in Orlando!

Each segment of the show is blended beautifully into one another – all filled with stunning mixtures of lights and inspiring music. At various points in the show, performers appeared to do some remarkable and impossible acts that will leave you speechless.

Medieval Times

 Medieval Times Orlando

The Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament in Kissimmee, Florida is a wonderful experience.

Once everyone is seated at the long tables, serving wenches walk out carrying huge trays piled high with a medieval meal – soup, herb-roasted chicken, barbecue spare ribs, half a baked potato and a pastry for desert. Overall the food is good.

A favorite part of the tournament is the Joust, where Knights mounted on their regal horses charge at each other with long lances – and as they collide the lance shatters.

Kids rated it as one of the best Orlando dinner shows.

Murderwatch Mystery Theatre

Murderwatch Mystery Theatre

Murderwatch Mystery Theatre is located in the Grosvenor Resort, held in Baskerville’s, the resort’s excellent buffet restaurant. The high point of this dinner show is definitely the superb food – easily the best food of any dinner show in Orlando.

Toward the end of the show, a couple of the characters will be murdered, and it was up to you, the audience, to solve the mystery.

Outta Control Magic and Dinner Show

Outta Control Magic and Dinner Show

This magic dinner show is one of the best Dinner Shows in Orlando. Located inside Wonderworks, this dinner show is a real hit with the kids – they love the magic tricks, and the adults love the humor.

The show lasts about an hour, but it’s so fun that it feels like the hour flies by. For the low price (about half of most other dinner shows in Orlando), this is one of the best values in the area.

Pirates Dinner Adventure

 Pirates Dinner Adventure Orlando

The Pirates Dinner Adventure in Orlando is a fun and high energy show that kids absolutely love. As you are led inside the theater, you will be taken aback by the amazing set – the stage is complete with a very authentic looking 18th-century Spanish galleon.

The acting is great – with impressive special effects like the cannon blasts and pyrotechnics. The sword fighting was actually excellently choreographed, and the acrobatic tricks were professional and very enjoyable.

Makahiki Luau

Makahiki Luau

The Makahiki Luau is one of the most popular and acclaimed luau in the whole country.

Located at the SeaWorld Park, in the Seafire Grill, this nightly luau is Sea World’s way of bringing the Polynesian Islands to Orlando’s visitors.

As the show picks up steam, the handsome and beautiful dancers really make the show in exotic costumes and offering some of the most wonderful dancing that you'll see anywhere.

Sleuths Mystery Dinner show

Sleuths Mystery Dinner show

The Sleuths Mystery Dinner show is a very fun way to spend a night out.

The food is good, but not great. However the real value of this venue is the great comedy and brilliant acting.

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